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The Golden Globes, and What They Taught Us

The Golden Globes are annual awards that are given to actors, directors and screenwriters on behalf of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The night includes an awards ceremony and dinner. There have been many entertaining and profound moments during this year’s Golden Globes; are there some lessons that we can extrapolate from?

The Dynamic Duo

One of the paradoxical highlights of the night was Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s hosting of the awards. Both Fey and Poehler are excessively talented and enviously funny, and you’d think that the winners would be in the spotlight, but here’s the caveat. They did what they were supposed to do with such infectious enthusiasm and joy that you couldn’t help but love their presentation. They managed to make fun of both the much less recently venerable Bill Cosby and the non-venerable dictator of South Korea. Kudos.

Spacey’s Revenge and Humility?

Not as violent as you may think, so don’t worry. The prolific and multiple award-winning actor had been nominated eight times previously for the Golden Globe. He finally was awarded Best Actor for his role in the political thriller House of Cards. When he took the stage, he initially succumbed to his excitement proclaiming, “I can’t f*cking believe I won!” Then Mr. Spacey gave an emotional shout-out to the late great director Stanley Kramer that brought almost everyone to tears. He spoke about when Spacey expressed his appreciation and love for Kramer’s films, Kramer responded: “I wish my films had been better.” Mr. Spacey accepted his award with the words in the same vein: “I want to be better.”

Benedict Cumberbatch the Class Clown

Humorous experiences are generally the most genuine. Cumberbatch had two of these moments: once when even though he was slated to host but didn’t. At a certain moment during Poelher and Fey’s presentation, they asked for a member of the audience to an impromptu co-hosting with Jennifer Anniston. Cumberbatch was chosen to hilarious effect (and reaction). Later on in the evening, Meryl Streep and Margaret Cho were posing for a photo and Cumberbatch attempted a leaping photo bomb.

Micheal Keaton

For all people born after the 1980s, Micheal Keaton was the best Batman presented on screen. Also, he saw a meteoric rise of popularity during the late 80s and early 90s for many of his roles. He won Best Actor, betting out some of Hollywood’s hardest hitters. It seems that Mr. Keaton is on the comeback and I am more than happy to be along for the ride (Best Batman). He thanked his director ceaselessly for the opportunity to participate in this film and receive the accolades (he deserves, in my humble opinion).

Jeremy Renner’s Globes No-no’s

At a certain time during the awards, Jenefer Lopez and Jeremy Renner were co-hosting. As Ms. Lopez was attempting to open the envelope, she says: “I’ve got the nails” to which Renner responded: “you’ve got the globes, too”. He was referring to Lopez’s cleavage, (which was as deep as the San Andreas Fault, to be fair).The gaff incited a collective gasp/groan (gasoan? A grasp?) combination from the audience and an onslaught of Twitter criticism (this one I’m a hundred percent on: Twittercism).

So overall, children, the Golden Globes taught us humility, resilience, love of your craft, respecting your predecessors, and avoidance of grossly inappropriate and sexist humor. Everywhere. I SAID EVERYWHERE!

Was there a moment during the Golden Globes that moved you but I looked over it? Well, tough sh*t, I’m writing this article. I’m just joking; let me know in the comment section below.

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