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The Graduate’s Battle: I have no experience but…

Graduates who are leaving university during the recessionary years have been faced with the challenge of landing a job. Having a degree has lost its value as individuals struggle to find positions suited to their abilities as recruiters are asking for credible experience in the industry. Employers are unable to invest time and resources in training and recruiting entry-level candidates.

The main question that arises at this time is the importance of an official qualification such as a degree. Is it really worth it to invest in your education or should we detour the formal qualification to jump right into gaining experience?

Here is a breakdown of how to enhance your employability with less or no experience:

Recognize the Importance of your Degree

As a graduate, you are probably past the point of questioning the importance of your degree. However it is important to understand the significance of your years at university. Formal education is a common life path that individuals follow in order to learn about a certain field. It is the time that you build your core skills in the industry, as well as a time when you pick up important people skills.

Write a Professional CV

It is advised to use skills such as communication, team work, organization and problem solving to enhance your CV. By outlining transferable skills, you are demonstrating how you are an employable candidate who has gained the specialist knowledge as well as the primary skill set each employee should have.

Prepare for the interview

Once you land an interview, it is vital that you demonstrate a professional and capable demeanor to the employer. Shed the nervous and awkward graduate look and swap it for a classy confident employee one. You should dress the part to ensure that you are seriously considered for a position within the company. 

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