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The Hiring Dilemma: Personality or Skills?

The current economic climate has made recruitment decisions challenging and frustrating. With an influx of unqualified candidates and masses of spam CVs, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable employees who are capable and qualified.

In times such as these, it is vital to make the right hiring decision as a lot of time, effort and cost is invested when searching for a suitable candidate. In line with the challenge to hire employees, recruiters are also facing the age-old debate of choosing between personality and skills when it comes to offering the job.

Here are some points to consider prior to making a recruitment decision:

Bad Personality, Excellent Skill Set

Recruiters who favor hiring based on a suitable skill set tend to focus on the candidate’s qualifications, experience and education rather than their personality. The risk of hiring someone based solely on their skill set is one that not many employers are willing to take in the current crisis. Employing an individual who has a negative approach to work, is difficult to work with and has an untrustworthy personality is more risky than recruiting someone who is agreeable, enthusiastic and a quick learner.

Great Personality, No Skill Set

As the job market reaches the point of oversaturation, recruiters have the difficult decision of hiring someone who has less experience in the industry. Despite being a challenge at first, employing an individual who has a good personality can pose less of a risk than hiring someone with a difficult personality and suitable experiences. Provided that you offer the inexperienced employee training and support, they can become thriving employees who show progress in their performance.

The Cost of a Poor Hiring Decision

Whether you choose to hire an employee based on their personality or their skills, it is important that you hire someone who will fit into your company’s culture. This is the most important factor as a negligent hiring decision can lead to a waste of time training employees who are not able to cope with the business strategy. 

Recruit: Learn How To Find The Right Person For The Job (Kate Keenan)

Managing people is not easy, but it can be made a good deal easier if you can make sure you have recruited the right people in the first place. When you know the essential steps to go through, you are more likely to recruit the right person for the right job. This book shows you how.

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