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The History of Nursing

Did you know that there are almost 3 million people registered as nurses in the U.S.? Despite the fact that this sounds like a big number, compared to the rest of US population, the number of nurses who are currently working to take care of all of us is equivalent to 1 nurse for every 102 citizens. As you can see from the infographic from toprntobsn, the number of nurses currently taking care of people in other countries is also relatively small compared to their overall population.

Key Points

Such numbers indicate that the majority of countries are experiencing a shortage of registered nurses and an increasing demand for nursing services. This infographic explains the facts and provides useful insights into the world of nursing. In an attempt to help you understand how nursing has developed over the years, it goes back and explains the role of nurses throughout the history.

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If you are interested in nursing, this infographic can provide you with a good background on the developments in the field of nursing and the impact these have had on our lives.

Are you a nurse? How much do you feel you are contributing to society? Let us know in the comment section below…


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