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The Ideal CV Length

There are many different opinions on the ideal length that a CV should be, however the outcome of this will depend on the preferences of the individual and the type of industry that they are looking for employment in. Generally speaking, opinions conflict on whether a CV should be one or two pages in length, and there is no common consensus on this. However, many individuals are unaware of the importance of acknowledging CV length, and the implications that a CV’s length can have on a potential employer.

What not to do…

Oftentimes, individuals feel the need to provide information on every work experience they have ever had – resulting in CVs of up to 30 pages in length! (Yes, somebody actually wrote a 30-pge CV!)

The purpose of a CV is not to show cased your entire life and professional history to date, it is to showcase your abilities and experiences which closely match the requirements in the job description you are responding to. You simply need to demonstrate your personal skills, experience, qualifications, and achievements in line with the job.

One-page CV

Many experts recommend a one page CV and some recruitment agencies and headhunters insist on one page only; in some instances, a second page is automatically disregarded. It is ascertained that a one page CV is far stronger than a two or three page CV, provided that the CV has been carefully crafted and finely tuned. Often a CV which has been spread out over two pages can be condensed onto one page, provided the individual is willing to work through their entire CV and eliminate any superfluous information. This way, the potential employer will have immediate access to the most relevant and important information.

Two-page CV

Nevertheless, a two page CV is entirely acceptable and unavoidable in certain circumstances. If it is not possible to condense your information onto one page, it is better to complete a two page CV rather than having a 1 ½ page CV, which will look weak and unfinished.

When crafting a CV, the most fundamental factor to consider is that a CV is supposed to be a reflection of your experiences and accomplishments and to demonstrate these factors in a cohesive and appealing manner. If this is successfully achieved, then you will be one-step closer to being shortlisted for an interview, and potentially finding employment. 


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