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JOB SEARCH / JUL. 15, 2013
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The Importance of Keywords in Online Job Posts

When advertising job vacancies, recruiters are advised to consider different outlets and determine which one would result in maximum exposure of their job posting. Through utilizing the relevant sources to advertise a job vacancy, recruiters are able to target specific audience, essentially achieving success in the recruitment procedure.

When posting a job online, it is imperative that the job posting constitutes of specific keywords and phrases to appear in search results. Job seekers from across the globe conduct their job search through generic search engines such as Google, Yahoo! And Bing, whilst others apply for jobs through recruitment websites. This results in online traffic for certain keywords and phrases that specifically describe a particular job.


To attract the most suitable candidates, it is advised to conduct a keyword search and use the appropriate words in your job posting. By conducting a search on important words and phrases for a job opening, recruiters are able to determine which keywords to use in their job posts to obtain optimal exposure.

One of the most popular keyword searching tools is Google AdWords. This feature enables employers to find out which words are being search and how many times they are being search globally. Therefore recruiters can strategically place keywords in their job posts, enabling them appear in search results. Keywords can indicate certain aspects of a job, thus it is important that the following information is included in job posts:

·         Company name
·         Brand identity
·         Location
·         Industry
·         Job title

As a result of specifying the above fields in a job post, recruiters are able to obtain optimized exposure and appear in search results. .

Job Title

The job title of a job is likely to attract the most traffic for the job posting. The job title will be indexed into search engines and the job posting will only appear if the job title is search for specifically. Therefore it is advised to utilize generic job titles that are widely used and recognized by individuals globally.

The job title should be descriptive of the position you are advertising and should portray the job as accurately as possible. In addition, it is advised to include the job level for optimal results. For example, “Marketing Executive” is likely to receive more search results than simple “Marketer Wanted”. The term “Marketer” will probably obtain poor search results as it is a sparsely used term. “Marketing Executive” demonstrates the field as well as the level of the job, proving to be an effective keyword to use.

To further filter the job search results, recruiters can specify the industry. For example, “Online Marketing Executive” indicates that the company requires a job seeker who is qualified, experienced and skilled in online marketing. The job title has already filtered search results and candidates to an extent that only industry experienced and skilled individuals will apply.

Many employers wish to filter their search result to such an extent that they include the job type as well. By doing this, it is likely that recruiters will lose the attention of some qualified individuals who are seeking employment, for example: “Part-Time Online Marketing Executive”. It is advised to carefully consider the implications of indicating the job type (temporary, permanent of part-time) as it can result in less interest and searches for the job.

Job Description

A job description is the short summary of the job that accompanies the job title. This short piece of text allows job seekers to understand the basic scope of the job role, thus determining whether or not they would apply for it.

Once recruiters have conducted a keyword search for the most appropriate words to use in the job posting, it is advised to use these words when writing the job description. By integrating appropriate keywords in the job description, employers can attract traffic for the particular job posting. For example: for “Marketing Executive”, the keywords would include “PR”, “research” and “writing”.

It is advised to use the most appropriate keywords for each specific job posting to keep it unique and attract online traffic. Incorporating the right keywords and phrases will optimize search results and help recruiters find the most suitable and qualified candidate for their job posting.  

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