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The Importance of Team Building

When working in a professional environment, it is necessary to establish a good working relationship with everyone in your team. Whether you work in marketing or sales, team building is an exercise that managers are advised to introduce to their employees in order to obtain the most optimal and productive results. Without team building, it is likely that your staff will be disconnected and unproductive as they are not working together and not using their best abilities to be successful.

Team building is allows individuals in a team to establish effective communication and understanding of each other to work together in the most productive manner. It enables your employees to build trust and coordinate with each other to achieve optimal results from their abilities. Employees feel motivated to work together to achieve the same goal thus helping the entire department perform well and achieve more.

There are a number of ways that managers and employers can initiate team building for their employees. Some of these are detailed below:

  • Feedback surveys: this is a simple and cost-free technique that many managers and HR departments employ in order to obtain the basic gist of certain teams and employees in their company. Asking employees to complete an anonymous survey allows them to reflect and provide feedback on their role in a business entity. Some surveys are designed so that they are completed by individuals whilst others require the employees to come together and complete it. Through this exercise, you can ensure that your employees feel valued and assured that their opinion matters in your company’s success.
  • Encourage informality: some managers portray a difficult personality that is often hard to approach. Therefore it is advised to encourage your employees to feel that they can voice their concerns to you and promote an informal approach when it comes to teamwork and team building. If you demonstrate a hard demeanor, your employees will not feel comfortable to approach you or even talk to you as they might be intimidated.
  • Day trip: organizing a day specifically dedicated to team building is an effort that many large multinational companies make. This is to promote communication, motivation and interaction in a relaxed environment. This method proves to be one of the most effective as team members have the added boost to perform well within their department as well as through joint group effort.

The above mentioned techniques are all designed to encourage team work and effective team building to help make employees perform well and be more productive as a group.

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