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The Interview is Pulled From Theatres

the interview

Sony has enjoyed more publicity this holiday season than if Santa Claus was photographed while flying over the North Pole. Actually, it would be more like if Santa was photographed flying over the North Pole while stark naked and mooning the Elves. Let’s just say that Sony was caught yet again with their cyber-pants down, bare behind exposed for all to see. This most recent hack, not only resulted in massive monetary loss, (in the form of revenue from unreleased films that were leaked), it also exposed internal communications with some pretty damning comments. Sony’s most recent debacle almost incited an international diplomatic episode. The point of contention? A comedy that revolves around an interview turned assassination plot on North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. A cyber-attack on Sony was followed by a threat to bomb any theaters that showed the film. So grab your popcorn as the excrement hits the proverbial fan.

Sony and the Dictator

It almost sounds like the title to a Disney movie doesn’t it? Now that I think of it, it would make a great premise for a romantic comedy, where the Dictator’s threatens to blow up things in an attempt to get Sony’s attention. Finally, when they meet the Dictator realizes that their romance was doomed from the beginning because Sony is a faceless corporate entity and thus unable to procreate little dictators. But I digress. With all the news revolving around the movie, ’The Interview’, you better believe that the moment it comes out in any form. Whether that is digital, physical or carrier pigeon distributed media, people will buy it until the millions of Pay-Pal transactions literally shut down the internet. The saying there is no such thing as bad publicity couldn’t be more applicable.


You don’t understand father! She smells like beautiful fragrant cheese. I must have Sony for my own!

Twitter Inertia

After the news that the most recent cyber-attacks against Sony and threats against the theaters were enacted by North Koreans (as noted by the State Department and not me please don’t hack me) the twitter-verse blew up like something that violently expands with great force (you thought I was going to use a suicide bomber reference there didn’t you, you sick buggers?). The hashtags #sony and, #TheInterview, have been mentioned hundreds of thousands of times on Twitter and in a day The Interview gained 4.000 followers.


‘Merica supports ‘Mericans and a Japanese Mega-Corporation

The most interesting result of the cyber-attacks and the threats is that most people have considered these actions coercions against freedom and America as a whole. This hub-bub has culminated in an argument about censorship, freedom of speech and an external attack upon of those ideals. Holy cr*p Batman! All that because of a Seth Rogen movie. Sony, of course, is the victim and if you’ve ever seen a dram-edy (a dramatically tinged comedy) you’ll know that the victim always gets support and sympathy. It’s such a well-known fact that it has become a literary tool.

Most superheroes, Disney protagonists and fairytale characters, have lost one or both parents which makes the reader feel sympathetic towards them and almost always automatically like them. After attack upon attack, Sony has joined the ranks of the woe-full orphaned heroes. Not only does the company become likable it also becomes the embodiment of an idea or set of ideals. Successful companies always try to promote their brands as ideas first and products later. Coca-Cola is synonymous with American cuisine and lifestyle (and diabetes), Nike is synonymous with high-level athleticism (and fat endorsement cheques) and Taco Bell with regrettable alcohol-fueled decisions.

It costs companies millions of dollars and years of marketing to achieve this. Overnight, Sony became the poster child for freedom of speech and not giving into the bad guy. I’m pretty sure that any time another large scale cyber-attack happens or freedom of speech is threatened Sony will be mentioned.


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