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The Kid Who Makes More Than a Million a Year From YouTube Videos

Evan is 8 years old, however, the amount of money he deposits every year in his bank account is a lot larger than the amount deposited by his peers. This is perhaps the only kid in the world who makes $1.3 million a year just by reviewing toys and video games.

Evan and his father started creating Angry Birds stop-motion videos with special effects on their YouTube channel that has more than 1 million subscribers and views. His Pirate Pig Attack Game video has received almost 7 million so far. The majority of the revenue is generated by the ads placed on the videos. Evan and his father have a dedicated sales team that negotiates deals with brands and businesses. Some of the most renowned brands featured on their videos are Kinder Surprise, Lego, Oreo Challenge etc. The profits from the ads placed on the videos go into investment and saving accounts for their children.

Evan subscribed to YouTube in 2011 and has three channels on ’EvanTube’. His sister Jilian appears in many of his videos, and his father shoots and edits the videos.

As you can see, even kids have started monetizing YouTube, and they are making a fortune. Why shouldn’t you start making the most of YouTube to make some profit too?


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