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The Latest in Security Systems to Protect Home-Based Businesses

Working at home presents its own challenges that those who work outside of the house may never think about. Does your boss employ some sort of security to keep you safe? Armed guards, perhaps? Or a great big vault to keep money safe from intruders? Well, the typical stay-at-home worker doesn’t usually have access to such protection. Keep in mind that the typical stay-at-home worker also doesn’t always get to stay at home. Ever wonder what it would be like to leave your place of business exposed to the risk of unwanted visitors during the day?  

When your home is also your place of business, home security technology become job security technology. Just in case you haven’t noticed, advancements in the control and integration of home security systems have made it possible to keep a very close eye on your home business even when your business takes you away from home. 

Ultrasonic Detection System 

The future of just about every aspect of society is marching toward a day when one of the options for use will always be high frequency sound waves. When it comes to security systems that can lend better protection to home offices, that future is now and it’s known as ultrasonic motion detection. High frequency sound waves undetectable to human ears can cover large expanses of area not unlike those super-sophisticated invisible lasers you see in movies. Another apt comparison would be to the more low-tech security sensing device known as the spider web. Whenever the pattern of the ultrasonic sound waves is disrupted by the intrusion of a threat to your security, an alarm goes off. The ultrasonic detection technology can be integrated into your home security system to be controlled remotely when your home-based business means leaving the office behind or just when you get a little vacation from it all.  

Intercom Systems 

The intercom system is one of the oldest means of controlling your security inside the home against those approaching from outside. The latest developments take full advantage of technological advancements. Forget those wall-mounted speakers with the button. Today’s intercom affords fully integrated security for those who work at home through high-tech remote control. Whether you need advance warning of the arrival of expected visitors or protection from unwanted visitors or a buffer between you and unknown visitors, the latest intercoms can keep them at a safe distance with a video system added to the traditional two-way speaker system. Continue doing your work while keeping an eye on every move of visitors to your home by sending the intercom’s video signal right to your HDTV.   The latest intercoms also encourage visitors to leave messages that you can retrieve later as well as affording the opportunity to leave pertinent messages for those who drop by.  

Smart Doorbells 

Integration of the doorbell with an even smarter intercom system is also possible. Just because you are away from the home you work at doesn’t mean that everybody else knows to stay away. Here’s how smart doorbells work: whenever someone arrives at your home and presses a button on what appears to be a standard intercom panel two things happen. The person at your door hears the sound of a normal doorbell. At the same time, you hear an alert on your smartphone. When the smartphone is answered, what those outside the house hear is a simulation of a voice speaking through an intercom system, seemingly coming from inside the house. In fact, you may be far away from your home office meeting clients, buying supplies or, in the best of all possible scenarios, on vacation on the other side of the globe. More sophisticated smart doorbell technology even allows for streaming live video of those visitors outside the house to phone or computer or tablet.  

Pressure Sensitive Welcome Mats 

Welcome mats may be the most basic of all home security systems. After all, how many people have unwisely chosen to hide a spare key to their home under a mat over the decades? When your home is also the location of your business, you definitely don’t want to hand over the keys to stranger.  Welcome to the 21st century version of welcome mat home security. Sensors placed on the bottom of the mat connect to an indoor alarm system to give warning when an unexpected and probably unwelcome visitor steps onto the front porch. The pressure-sensitive mats are not just doormats, however. They can be situated beneath windows, inside open garages, on the driveway adjacent to vehicle doors and anywhere else where a potential threat to both your home and livelihood is likely to stand, thus allowing full integration into a home security system. Best of all, there is no need to junk existing personalized welcome mats. Just lay the welcome mats over the pressure-sensitive mats and the alarm will still be tripped. 


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