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The Lesson Everyone Can Learn from Scotland's Oil Independence

A new discovery of rich, bountiful oil supplies off the coast of Scotland hold the promise of fuel supplies capable of lasting until at least 2050. 15-24 billion barrels - £1 trillion net worth - 90% of the tax revenue...  when you sldo include the true effects of the exhaustion of the global supply of oil may be felt by motorists around the world as soon as 2030, it becomes clear just how supremely important this discovery may be.

Further research shows sales have began to solidify the presence of the Clair Ridge Field off the coast of Shetland, beneath this discovery lies not just a truly breathtaking supply of crude oil, but Scotland’s future. One way or another. The oil boom is expected to drive the economic fortunes of Scotland for the next quarter-century.

According to Business for Scotland there are several vital facts to consider:

  1. There are at least 15-24 billion barrels of oil remaining
  2. The remaining reserves are worth over £1 trillion
  3. North Sea oil and gas will last for decades and decades into the second half of this century
  4. More than 90% of the tax revenue will belong to an independent Scotland
  5. Scotland can establish a successful oil investment fund
  6. Westminster squandered the oil and gas revenues
  7. The price of oil is likely to increase
  8. Oil revenues present an environmental challenge but also an environmental opportunity
  9. Oil is only one aspect of Scotland’s diverse energy market and economic strength
  10. Norway’s oil revenues might never run out.

Other releases state “In 2008 London took £12.9 billion from Scotland in oil and gas
revenues, this equates to every single Scot giving away £2300 a year“
with their online missions statement “Secrets & Scandals” with the landing page detailing a balance on budget statement:

Balance on budget - £ billions


















The real lesson that anyone can take from the discovery of oil in the Clair Ridge Field is that luck is dependent upon a great many things. One of those things is the realization that business and politics are inextricably intertwined. If you really want to learn how to boost your business revenues or find a job or just enjoy the benefits of stock ownership, then you have to learn to pay attention to politics. 

The discovery of a great wealth of oil would certainly affect the general standard of living, developments and lifestyle. At the moment those finances are said to be used to benefit another countries dept. With oil, the values are clear as much as they are in demand; the elements which appear unclear are the ways in which an English government is utilising these funds.

Scottish Oil that was worth £22,831 a minute, £32 million a day, £12 billion a year. It is the £1.2 Trillion to come out of the known oil and gas fields of the North Sea that are stopping the UK debt being junked” says Oil of Scotland, it effects everyone. 

 "wealthiest country in the world’ to become independent"

Alex Salmond

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