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STUDENT LIFE / DEC. 23, 2014
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The Most Common Bad Habits Transferred From College To Work

We all have bad habits we want to let go, be it smoking or wanting to spend less time on Facebook. College allows us to be ourselves, but also helps breed poor habits that are easily carried to the workplace. The first step to take in order to help yourself is to identify your problem areas right after accepting you have a problem. College life is a contributor to habits developed in the workplace and this may lead to destruction of a career before it even takes off.


Showing up late for class because there are no repercussions can quickly grow into a bad habit. Many college students continually record late attendances in class and this is transferred to the work place. Being late by 5 or 10 minutes can throw off an entire day’s schedule. Lack of punctuality is an employer’s nightmare, especially by recent college grads. Late arrival to work gives an impression of carelessness and disorganization and is also disrespectful to the social contract of the workplace.

Poor communication skills

College students are usually required to write essays and sometimes speak publicly. However, this does not guarantee great communication skills. While in college, e-mails from lecturers may be ignored till last the minute or ignored in totality. Communication in the workplace transcends e-mails, one-on-one conversation with clients and other workers to conference calls. Courtesy and professionalism needs to be displayed at all times when at work. Employers expect that their employees are equipped with the right communication skills both in their presence or absence. Employees are supposed to be able to communicate with their co-workers for delivery of projects and also be able to answer to their superiors and take criticism. Non-verbal communication with other workmates may easily be perceived as unprofessional and rude.

Inappropriate work ethic

Many college students enter the workplace with the same casual attitude they had in school. Inappropriate wardrobe, inattentiveness and continuous unprofessional conduct in the workplace characterize habits brought to the workplace by some college students. This casualness is highly inappropriate because it shows just how much these employees lack a professional drive and have no understanding of the meaning of hard work. Lack of work ethic may prove detrimental to your career because a former employer is a future reference.

Misuse of technology

College classrooms are flooded with Smartphones, tablets and laptops. Most students are usually busy texting or are on social media while class is in session. Attending to personal phone calls while in class is another frequent occurrence. At the workplace, these habits are transferrable to making personal calls on company time, using the Internet to engage in personal entertainment and texting during meetings and in turn getting little or no work done. Some people just spend a lot of time responding to e-mails which does nothing to improve or achieve your goals at work. Some people access Facebook 20 times in a day and this definitely interferes with their work.

Poor planning

In school, a timetable is issued to students and deadlines for assignments are set throughout the course work. These planned events are not necessarily present in the work environment except for deadlines. Wondering what to do after arriving at work is an indication of poor planning. Planning your events for the next day on the previous day ensures efficiency and delivery of projects in time.

Habits developed over time are difficult to let go but that does not mean change cannot be effected. Professionalism is achieved through individual effort.


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