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The Most Popular Freelancer Tools [infographic]

Since technology has managed to exceed expectations, it means we have to be able to catch up with the new advances and make these work to our benefit. Many mobile apps have been developed that can help us find the right balance between life and work that are just so difficult to ignore. When technology can make your life and work so much easier why not get the best out of yourself as well? 

This infographic by BestVendor provides useful information in regards to a survey that was completed by approximately 100 freelancers who were working in technology or IT-related sectors to investigate the use of technology – apps and software, as part of their workload. As you would have expected the results revealed that freelancers have been excessively using these mobile apps to help them cope with their daily job demands.

The infographic refers to the following popular apps that are used by freelancer professionals:

  • Dropbox: it’s great for storing your important documents in a folder and sharing them with others.
  • Google Analytics: it is used to analyse the traffic of a website and help  improve its Google search rankings.
  • Gmail: the web-based email-service helps freelancers organise their contacts and messages.
  • Evernote: it can help you organise your work in one digital workspace.

Also, it refers to some emerging apps that are currently used amongst freelancers but aren’t as popular yet. These included Remember the Milk, Expensify and 16bugs!

So, check out this great infographic to see if any of these apps could improve your efficiency in the workplace. It also provides some great information in regards to which industries are using these apps the most!

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