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By setting up a professional recruiter Twitter account, you can tweet your latest job vacancies to your followers! Although you are restricted to tweeting no more than 140 characters in length, you can include a link to the full job description within the tweet, which means that you can advertise the job with a catchy title on Twitter and then redirect interested individuals to your recruitment site for more information. Through the technical feature of ‘retweeting’ you can get your job post seen by a vast target audience when your own followers ‘retweet’ your job post.

With the growing trend of social media and networking sites, recruitment has become easier, cheaper and more accessible than ever before. Recruiters not only have 24/7 access to sourcing candidates, but through the means of social networking, employers can approach individuals who may not necessarily have applied for a job, but who would be ideally suited; thus making headhunting far more reachable for recruiters.

One of the main drawbacks of traditional recruiting is the cost involved in posting jobs, sourcing candidates and holding interviews. All of these issues can be addressed through the strategic use of social media, in particular posting jobs.

How to post jobs free of charge

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and even LinkedIn permit job postings free of charge. Whilst the structure of the job post will likely have to differ from the traditional format, the advertising of the vacancy itself will remain the same and will cost next to nothing!

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