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JOB SEARCH / MAY. 19, 2015
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The Oddest Professions on Earth That You Didn’t Know Existed

When most people think about jobs, snake milker does not naturally come to mind. You may not realize it, but there are a bunch of odd professions that exist. Some jobs are borderline dangerous, and others range from fun to nauseating. However, there are brave individuals who enjoy the oddity of these types of jobs and realize that someone needs to get the job done, so why not do it! This article will share some of the oddest professions you didn’t even know existed.

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1. Snake Milker

Snake milkers basically extract venom from snakes. However, the job is anything but basic, and snake milkers usually obtain doctorate degrees. You can start in this profession by completing your bachelor’s degree. Snake venom is a powerful resource which is utilized in the production of various drugs. Additionally, the antidote to venom, called the “antivenom”, is made from the actual venom. That is another reason why some brave soul needs to milk the snake for venom. Some of the snakes that are handled are vipers, rattlesnakes, copperheads, and sea snakes. Hospitals and laboratories are in constant need for the snake venom.

2. Keeper of the Stanley Cup

The Keeper of the Stanley Cup is an actual official job that Phil Pritchard has worked as during the last 26 years. The championship team in the National Hockey League is awarded the Stanley Cup. Each year, the winning team’s name is engraved on the cup. The cup is invaluable so it must be “guarded” at all times when it is not in the safekeeping of its permanent home base in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Basically, the keeper of the cup’s job is to chaperone the trophy throughout its travels. The keeper is responsible for the safekeeping of the trophy so this is a very important job to work in.

3. Chicken Sexer

Chicken sexers generally do not have higher education degrees and they receive on-the-job training to increase productivity in the workplace. Additionally, they can increase their value to employers by earning a certificate in their field. Chicken sexers are instrumental in the process that sends eggs and chicken meat to the grocery stores. These individuals are employed by large chicken farms. These operations have a large number of chickens born every day. It is vital that the sex of the chicken is identified quickly since there are different purposes for the male versus the female chickens. Female chickens lay the eggs and male chickens are sold for their meat. Male chickens are not “necessary” to keep for a long period of time for egg production (like the females) so they are generally sold right away. Female chickens are kept, fed, and sometimes given hormones for increased egg production.

4. Gumologist


Gumologists are responsible for blowing and measuring gum bubbles for a living. The gum business is a big industry which is now worth around £10 billion of global gum each year. This amount is growing by approximately 8 percent each year. According to DigitalJournal, that rate is basically double the rate of other types of candies and chocolates in production. Global production is especially growing since consumers around the world view gum as a healthier, viable option to higher calorie snacks and also to cigarettes. Currently, Cadbury Schweppes has 24 professional tasters on staff and these individuals are called gumologists. In addition to blowing and measuring bubbles, these gumologists also chew the gum to test the flavor.

5. Pet Food Taster

Many pet food tasters have doctorate degrees. This odd job may be one of the most unbelievable of all from this listing. They are individuals who actually taste pet food. These tasters are tasked with evaluating the quality and nutritional value of pet food. They also taste the food. However, just in case you were getting nauseous right about now, most pet food tasters spit the food out after tasting it, rather than actually swallowing it. Still, this is definitely one odd job! Just to be clear, these pet food tasters do not eat pet food all day. They also craft reports on products and brainstorm nutritional ideas for various pet food products. Their main goal is to ensure that the food is nutritious. Taste counts, but nutritional value is of the utmost importance.

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Would you ever take on an employment position in one of these odd professions? Let us know in the comments section below!

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