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The Only Supplies You Really Need to Start Your Own Cleaning Business

Mulling over the possibility of going into business for yourself cleaning up apartments, condos or rental houses after they are vacated? For the right self-starter working in the right area, this can be a lucrative career choice. Not a job for every type of personality, true, but if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, going into business for yourself cleaning up rental properties in between occupancy can be financially rewarding. Perhaps best of all is that it doesn’t take a huge investment to be ready for work on day one. In fact, all you really need to effectively go into the cleaning business are the following supplies.

Baking soda

Actually, a lot of baking soda. Baking soda comes in handy for cleaning in every single room of the house. Did the occupants have a pet that threw up? Clean it with baking soda. Parents neglected to tell their kids not to draw on the wall? Clean it with baking soda. Carpet smells? Sprinkling with baking soda will improve the result of vacuuming and more on that later. . No rug, but plenty of vinyl tiles: dissolve baking soda in plain water and mop. You will quickly learn that you can light your load and your budget for supplies by using baking soda in place of other more expensive options.  

Vacuum cleaner.

Don’t spend big money on big, fancy vacuums. Instead, go for the vacuum combo that works to clean carpets, but comes off to be used as a hand-held cleaner throughout the home. The vacuum cleaner is an essential tool for cleaning rooms both with and without carpeting. Extensions and accessories offer equally efficient cleaning of curtains, drapes, excessively dusty areas, blankets, towels, ducts and air conditioner filters. 

Mop and bucket.

Make that a sturdy bucket on rollers with a mop attachment built-in. The material that the bucket is made of matters far less than the shape. Meaning, forget the traditional round bucket and get a bucket with angles. Rectangular and square buckets are nowhere near as easy to accidentally knock over as a round bucket.


If you are seriously thinking about going into business for yourself cleaning up rental properties, then immediately head to the store with a big cleaning supply section and buy one of every type of sponge available. Get soft sponges and abrasive sponges. Big sponges and little sponges. When it comes to cleaning everything from toilets to walls and from sinks to furniture, nothing combines efficiency with versatility like a quality sponge. Yeah, the fancy shammies may wow you with infomercials and microfiber is everywhere these days, but believe it when you hear it: sponges are used for cleaning after thousands of years of being used for cleaning for a good reason.


Vinegar is probably as effective at cleaning glass as any more expensive glass cleaner in the house. Vinegar is more dependable for removing just about any type of sticky substance than any dedicated adhesive-remover. Nothing beats cleaning down the interior of a refrigerator and leaving it with free of chemical odors better than vinegar. Vinegar can be put to use cleaning the bathroom from scrubbing away stains in the toilet to clearing out clogs in the shower head.

Rubber Gloves

Stock up on different types of rubber gloves. Get some that fit tautly. Get some that are thick enough to withstand scalding water. And get some that slide halfway up your forearm. Rubber gloves are essential for cleaning the dirtiest areas of rental properties like condos and apartments. Why? Because if you try to clean the most disgusting parts of any home without gloves on, they will never get as clean as they should. Don’t let yuck factor give your brand new cleaning business a bad reputation before you’ve barely even begun.

Bristle Brushes

Again, get yourself different styles of bristle brushes. The nylon type is perfect for everything from rough upholstery to concrete to non-ceramic tubs. For all ceramic surfaces, get a brush with soft bristles. While those sturdy wire bristles look capable of getting anything clean, remember that they can equally well damage anything, so use wire brushes only on things like your grill, oven racks or when the cleaning involves means removing paint.  


Image Source: Moonrise Over a Blue Sponge

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