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The Party's Over, What To Do After College

College is a great experience; during which we develop our personalities, perspectives and ideologies. We also get blackout drunk, sleep until late in the afternoon and stuff ourselves with things omnivorous goats would turn their noses up at. Now you’re in last semester though and reality is breathing down your neck. You don’t know what to do and you’re not sure where to do it. Here are a few things that you should consider when the party’s over.

Score some recommendations

A character recommendation can assist during secondary interviews and even be a deciding factor. Approach some professors that you had a good relationship with and asked them if they wouldn’t mind putting some ink on paper for you. Be considerate of their schedule and provide them with stamped and address envelopes if you won’t be picking them up yourself.

Do your research

Stop groaning, I know you thought that after school you wouldn’t have to deal with research anymore, unless you’re a scientist, or statistician, or lawyer. Anyway, look around, there are innumerable lists regarding the best places for young professionals to live or the best places for recent graduates. Just by searching on Google I found two really great lists from Forbes and Business Insider (click on the links to follow them). Spread your wings; do really want to go back to your childhood bedroom with the Phineas and Ferb bedspread? 

Spread yourself

When I say spread yourself I don’t mean over the couch. I’m talking about spreading yourself around, networking. Every single person you meet can be a potential connection to your first job. Harrison Ford got his first acting job while installing cabinets in George Lucas’ home. Now that I think of it that’s a great segue for my next point.

Do whatever

Don’t be too picky, do anything just to get you going. You’ll meet new people that could potentially help your networking efforts and it can also give you a bit of time to think about what you want to do. All that while you still make money and add to your Resume. If you don’t have a gap in employment after college it could help you seem proactive and be more appealing to potential employers. Like I mentioned above, Harrison Ford, Mr. Indiana Jones actually got his first job while installing cabinets.

Get in shape

I’m not talking about just physical shape but also mental state. You’re transitioning from a lifestyle with no solid sleeping hours, eating hours or even concrete working hours after all. Your new lifestyle will be much more structured: you will be waking up at specific times, eating at specific times and (hopefully) bathing at very specific times. Do yourself a favor and try to get yourself on some sort a semblance of a schedule. The alternative is you being completely wrecked for the few weeks of your new job which most bosses definitely frown upon.

Go back to school

Is real life just a bit too scary? Is the perspective of finding a job, sorting out budgets and paying taxes nerve racking? Well, then you can just continue your education, in safe warm hallowed halls of your favorite college. It’s the socially appropriate way to be irresponsible!

Have you recently graduated and have no idea what to do? Let us know all your insecurities and doubts in the comment section below. Or just let us know what you majored in. 

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