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The Process of Becoming a Nurse in Liechtenstein

nurse liechtenstein

If you are interested in becoming a nurse working for Liechtenstein’s public sector then you will need to fulfill the relevant requirements before becoming fully recognized. This includes specific training, examinations and courses. In addition, to gain employment in a number of institutions, you may be required to speak a number of languages, including German and English.


In order to become a licensed and registered nurse it is necessary to sit the required examinations. These include the Krankenschwester – Krankenpflerger examination, which must be sat and submitted to the Sveikatos Asaugos Ministerija (Ministry of Health), along with all other paperwork and documentation.


Before becoming a qualified nurse you will need to complete the necessary registration stages. the nurses part of registration is divided into four parts:

  • Adult nursing

  • Mental health nursing

  • Learning disabilities nursing

  • Children’s nursing

All registered nurses must complete a pre-registration nursing education program. Once the qualification has been obtained, nurses will be able to apply for vacancies within their area of specialism.


There are a number of ways in which nurses can become registered:

  • Under automatic recognition for adult nurses only

To be eligible to register under this automatic recognition system, applicants must hold one of the required qualifications.

  • Under acquired rights for adult nurses only

The be eligible under this route, applicants must submit a certificate of competency from a relevant authority, which must confirm that you have effectively and lawfully been engaged in nursing practice for at least three years consecutively.

  • Under the general system

Eligibility under the general system requires presentation of additional information.   

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