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The Real Cost of Having a Bad Boss [Video]

A bad boss not only creates a negative working environment but also makes employees want to leave the organisation. How can you improve the situation?

Bad management not only hurts employee performance and wellbeing, it also has a negative impact upon the organisation. Dissatisfied workers who feel that they aren’t appreciated by their bosses are costing companies and the economy lots of money. In fact, research found that poor employer-employee relationships where workers feel undervalued cost the economy roughly $360 billion each year from lost productivity.

What this means is that a company’s management team is a direct reflection of a business’s success. This video from Minute MBA explains the real cost of having a bad boss and how it hurts workers on an individual level as well as the company as a whole. Check it out and see how you can improve your management strategy to help your business succeed.

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Do you think your boss is bad? How do you cope with it? Let me know in the comments section below…

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