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WEB & TECH / MAR. 22, 2015
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The Science of Successful ‘Selfies’

Dan Zarella

The process of capturing ‘selfies’ is not far from a being a science in the present day. Selfies are pretty cool, and everybody’s posting them. It could be argued that they have become our new identity on social media. For some people, a selfie could be the basis for career advancement. Celebs, for example, share their photos on their social media accounts to boost their brand while fashion bloggers use selfies to drive traffic to their site and get as much publicity as possible.

This infographic by Dan Zarrella, the award-winning social media scientist at HubSpot, shares some of the best tips on how you can post your most liked selfie. By gathering a dataset of just over 160,000 Instagram images tagged with #selfie, Zarrella came up with the following findings:

  • Cooler blues and greens are more likely to drive likes than warmer colours.
  • Tags with the highest like rates were the following: #pretty, #boy, #daily, #girl, #hair.
  • Call-to-action tags such as ‘#likeforlike’ were more likely to get ‘likes’ than the average selfie.
  • The more tags a selfie has, the higher the ‘like’ rate
  • Photos with Willow and Normal (no filter) filters were the most liked

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Selfies are not just a trend nowadays. They are a strong tool that can boost your brand and take its popularity to the next level. Check out this infographic to make the best impression by choosing the right filters, tags and colours to get the ‘likes’ you deserve from your fan base.

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