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The Sexiest Superbowl Ads

OK!!! OK!!! WE GET IT!!! SEX SELLS!!! And no other organization, event or gathering reiterates this again and again and again than the testosterone fueled, slightly homoerotic Super Bowl. So what do you do to reinforce your wavering sexuality as you watch very fit and athletic men smash and lay on each other? Well, you intermittently mix in some sexy sexy sex. Here are some of the sexiest Superbowl ads that you can grunt to as you figure out your feelings for Tom. 

Victoria’s Secret

No brainer models + lingerie = wholesome hetero fun. Also, it reinforces body shaming, sexist attitudes and the objectification of women. Oh, you think that’s good?!! Dude, I think you’re too drunk already, don’t make me call your girlfriend.

Carl’s Jr.

Boobs and burgers, no introduction needed for either of those. [Sigh] what happened to feminism.


For everyday sexy Loctite’s got it on lock down. What? It’s supposed to be funny? What the hell is this world coming to?!!!


Granted this embodies a few unsexy elements, old people getting their nasty on, erectile dysfunction and women that are aroused by inanimate objects. Well, I’ve got to balance this list out. I’m starting to hate my gender here folks.


Model-esque people and expensive cars. This is a little more Euro-sexy which is probably a little too gourmet for your buffalo sauce scorched mouth. Its sexy in a non-brain damaged way, trust me.

I am going to assume I missed a few of your favorite sexist fodder, so go ahead and let me know which objectifying vids I might have missed.

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