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The Strangest Things People Have Done During a Video Job Interview

Communication technology has redefined how we interact with each other. Several years ago, you would wave at your neighbor as he walked to his mail box to retrieve the newspaper, today you would like and LOLed his status that read: Went to get the newspaper from the mailbox in my robe, might have flashed the neighbor after a gust of wind raised the one side #indecentexposer #flashingthefrankandbeans #sorrytom. Well, Tom not only has his social interactions changed due to technology but so have his professional ones. More and more people are now being interviewed for jobs via video conference calls, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always professional.

These are some of the strangest things people have done during a video job interview.

1. Pajama Party

It’s easy to get comfortable at home, it’s your habitat and your well-distributed DNA throughout is testimony to that fact. The thing is that although you are conducting the interview within your DNA den, it’s still an interview thus the professional standards are still required. According to James Reed, chairman of Reed Group this requisite was lost on a certain video interviewee that showed up on screen in his sleep ware and he actually got the job! No, no he didn’t actually.

2. Cat-astrophy

Everybody loves pets and the internet (which let’s admit is pretty much everyone) loooves cats. Cats are great pets with a lot of personality, make great companions and are independent to boot but they aren’t the most appropriate interview companion. One candidate during his video interview thought he’d brighten everyone’s day by introducing them to his furry little friend- get your mind out of the gutter, not that furry little friend, but his cat. So, during the interview the interviewee stopped picked up the cat and introduced him to the interviewers…and he was hired! No, no he wasn’t.

3. Just Let Me Save First

playing video games

Over 1.2 billion people of the 7.4 billion on planet earth play video games, myself included. They are a great form of entertainment, they hone your hand to eye coordination and in recent studies they have been proven to help patients with symptoms of dementia, Alzheimer’s, ADD and ADHD. They unfortunately don’t help your job prospects, they actually hurt them if you play them during the freakin’ interview as one candidate that was playing video games while being interviewed can testify. But he still got…yeah I agree, that joke got old the first time I did it.

4. Straighten Your Tie

straightening bow tie

When having an interview you might be tempted to pull a newscaster; as in being professional on top with your blazer, tie and button-up shirt and then wearing nothing/only underwear/sweatpants on the bottom. I guess showing up fully dressed is also a relatively admirable ability considering a certain job seeker was still getting dressed during the interview. In what reality is still getting dressed during an interview still okay?

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Are there any other crazy video interview stories you know about? Let us know in the comments section below.

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