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JOB SEARCH / OCT. 25, 2014
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The Top 10 Employers in Australia

Australia at night time

Australia is consistently recognized for being among the best countries in the world for quality of life. In fact, the United Nation’s 2014 Human Development Report ranked Australia second only to Norway among great places to live. In addition to being a beautiful country with a rich culture and plenty to do, Australia is home to some fantastic companies that regularly top job-seekers’ “dream lists.” Here are the top 10, as ranked by BRW.’s most recent report.

1. Optiver


Optiver is a financial trading company located in Sydney. The company’s operating philosophy teams traders with IT experts, focusing on using automated systems to generate a high volume of trades in fractions of a second. They make their money by identifying and capitalizing on market imbalances.

While the company is undeniably successful, the main thing that makes Optiver so attractive is the culture. Executives have gone to great lengths to create an open environment that encourages frank conversation up the chain of command as well as down. In addition, employees have access to exceptional perks, like an in-house chef and personal fitness training. New hires can also count on intensive training that prepares them to make an impact on global financial markets.

2. Atlassian


Atlassian, also headquartered in Sydney, develops software for software developers. And while that may sound like the perfect recipe for a company where employees speak a language nobody else can understand, their philosophy is strikingly simple: “Open company, no bullshit.” Employees enjoy a number of perks, including referral bonuses and stock options. One of the most popular perks is the opportunity to work on your own projects, then pitch them to the company for potential commercialization.

3. NetApp Australia


NetApp Australia is a data storage company with offices in all mainland capitals. The company manages to balance a family-like culture with enthusiastic support of remote working arrangements. One NetApp Australian employee works several hours from the closest office!



Salesforce, headquartered in Sydney, sells B2B collaboration tools. Quite appropriately, they seem to have mastered collaboration internally. In addition to a generous pay scale, employees have an unusually significant impact on how the company is run. Board meetings are streamed to all employees, and they’re regularly interrupted to answer employee questions.

5. The Physio Co

The Physio Co

The Physio Company, which is headquartered in Melbourne, specializes in providing physical therapy services to the elderly. The company only hires candidates who demonstrate the ability to live by four key principles: respect everyone, be memorable, find a better way, and think big/act small. The Physio Co reinforces these values with regular “morning huddles.”



MRWED, located in Morayfield, Queensland, is a train-the-trainer company. The company earned its spot on this list through its extraordinary commitment to caring for employees as individuals. One employee with a long-term illness, for example, was able to take advantage of special equipment, a flexible schedule, etc.

7. McAfee Australia


McAfee is a global company, but they earned their spot on this list through their dedication to employees and their development.

8. RedBalloon


RedBalloon is a specialty retailer that spares no effort making employees feel valued. New hires are welcomed with a bouquet of red balloons, and it’s not unusual for employees to get a hand-written note from founder Naomi Simson thanking them for an exceptional job. As an added bonus, the “head of security” is a dog.

9. C3 Business Solutions


C3, a company that focuses on intelligence and information management, is another example of a company that puts the center of attention where it belongs: on the employees. C3 wants to attract people committed to excellence and, therefore, encourages employees to push the envelope when it comes to achieving their goals. In addition, this global company brings consultants from across the globe together for twice-a-year meetings.

10. Cordelta


Cordelta, a professional services company in Canberra, knows that happy employees lead to happy customers. Contributions to employee morale include things like standing desks for employees who request them due to back pain.

Australia’s spot on the “best places to live” list is reflected in the country’s extraordinary list of companies that are dedicated not just to their customers, but to their employees.

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