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FOOD & FITNESS / APR. 09, 2014
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The Top 10 Superfoods to Improve Health and Manage Weight

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1. Wild Salmon
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Wild salmon provides omega 3 fatty acid benefits that will not only help you to effectively fight fat, but is packed with essential amino acids and many of the vitamins that your body needs. Some of the health benefits include: •Protecting the heart against the risk of heart disease and stroke •Helping to develop the brain and eyes of infants during and after pregnancy •Improving the pattern of blood lips and functioning of the blood vessel •Helping with symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis •Improving mental disorders like Alzheimer’s and depression •Lowering basal metabolic index

When it comes to improving your health and simultaneously manage your weight, the solution is to eat superfoods. Certain foods can help you to feel healthier and ditch those unwanted pounds. Superfood can help to reduce your cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and is an excellent mood shifter. Most importantly, superfoods have absolutely no side effects. It is suggested that you include these foods in your diet every day. You can grab these at your local grocery store or whole food stores. Check out these superfoods to get some inspiration:

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