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The Top 5 Work Life Balance Employers

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Work and life. Those are two words that do not go well together these days. You are expected to work more than 40 hours a week, at a minimum in most full time jobs, and at the same time find some sort of personal life in all the chaos. There isn’t a way to do this easily. At some point you will need to decide what is most important to you; upward mobility at work, or more time at home. Very few career options will let you do both easily. If money is the biggest issue, there are some options there as well. Of note, most of the following salary ranges do not include internship or call center/customer support salaries.

Looking For an Employer That Will Help

SAS Institute (Salary Range: ~$55k - $150k)

SAS Institute is a business analytics software and services company. They are the largest independent vendor in their market and help customers at over 65,000 sites. With locations throughout the world, you should find a place to work without too much relocation required.

Autodesk (Salary Range: ~$40k - $200k+)

Autodesk is famous for its 3d graphics products. 3ds Max, Maya, and Auto CAD are their three most popular products. They offer remote working options as well as mandatory vacation time. Work hours are flexible and employees are encouraged to innovate.

Scottrade (Salary Range: ~$34k - $100k+)

You wouldn’t often think of an online brokerage company as a great place to work. Watch any trading movie and you see a world full of stress and greed. With over 500 branch offices throughout nearly all 50 states, you will actually find a tight nit group of teams that work hard to promote the brand’s name. With a focus on helping people meet their goals and employees rewarded with a careful separation of work and life, you will find that, in the financial sector at least, there are few better employers in this regard.

MasterCard (Salary Range: ~50k - $250k+)

We all know about MasterCard, but what most of us are unaware of is how great the company actually is when it comes to giving employees a work life balance. According to reviews on, 75% of people have nothing but positive things to say about the work environment. With flexible schedules, great leadership and a relaxed environment, you are going to be able to leave work without worrying about what is left to do on your way home.

Orbitz Worldwide (Salary Range: ~40k – $150k+)

Orbitz has made a name for itself in the online travel world. While the job options range from analytics to technology and programming or QA, you should find a place within the company. 86% of reviewers have nothing but positive things to say. With a work from home policy and management that emphasizes a work life balance, and a CEO with an 88% approval rating, you will be hard pressed to not love your job.

What If These Don’t Work For You?

What if you don’t find a position at one of the short list companies here? What if you enjoy your job enough, but you want to cut back on hours without cutting back on pay? There are plenty of options ranging from being frugal to working a few hours a week on freelance work. Ultimately, you will decide what is most important to you. Just remember, if you spend your whole life working, you won’t have any time for living.


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