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The UK's Top 10 Coolest Startups

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Now is the time for startups. More than ever, starting your own business is the way to go and if you’ve got a burning idea you’re dying to make reality, today is the time to act. All across the world, entrepreneurs are leading social and digital change and through their burgeoning projects, they are altering the way we live our lives. The UK alone is home to some of the most exciting startup companies in the world and if you take a look into any part of the country, you might be surprised at what you will find. 

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1. Pervasive Media Studio

South West England might not get much media attention, but thanks to startup hub Bristol, things are on the up for the rural region. Connecting artists, technologists, creatives and academics, Pervasive Media Studio is a company for all types of business. Championing gaming, music, digital displays and robotics, the production company has a finger in every creative pie, and is driving some of the most interesting artistic projects in the country. Aiming to bring people together in community-based projects, Pervasive Media Studio is the startup that everyone can enjoy.

2. CEL

The fact that 3D printing is highly lucrative is undeniable. Over the last few years, the presence of these printers across the world has rocketed and more than ever, new technology is being formed as a result. Startup company CEL is one of the largest 3D printing businesses in the UK, and it is at the forefront of digital change. Using printers which are designed to work in any scenario, CEL is bringing the technology to every type of location, enabling thousands of diverse companies to get their hands on the future of printing.

3. Bitreserve

The way in which we spend and use money has never been as changeable as it is now. Cashing in on the shifting face of currency, Bitreserve works as a bitcoin wallet, covering the gap between bits and old fashioned, tangible forms of currency. Through Bitreserve, it is possible to hold bitcoin as real money, sending it to any number of different sources with no extra cost.

4. Dibbz

There is little to like about irritating banner ads found on most websites. While they do bring in revenue, they are a constant irritation to users around the world. Dibbz is a startup company looking to change that, trying to find a way in which to make banner ads irresistible to consumers online. Inserting reward-based ads into gaming and fitness apps, the company aims to increase customer interaction and bring more customers to websites and online businesses.

5. Hassle

When you’re trying to run a business, locating a good cleaner can be time consuming and irritating. London-based startup Hassle aims to put an end to the trouble, however, by bringing its users instant reviews, information and prices of all cleaners in their local area. Functioning in the same manner as Trip Advisor, Hassle brings you user feedback and local recommendations, saving you the headache of trawling through endless websites!

6. Contentment

Ever wanted to create your own app but didn’t really know how to go about it? You need Contentment, the British startup app created by Michael Kowalski. A cloud-hosted platform, Contentment is designed for new businesses or websites looking to reach a larger audience, giving them all the tools they need in order to create a fully functioning mobile app. Well-designed and interactive, the startup’s apps are some of the best around, and are sure to have users completely hooked.

7. Crowd Vision

With the international population rocketing ever upwards, scientists and researchers are battling against the odds to collect data on the movements and tastes of the contemporary crowd. Startup Crowd Vision aims to put an end to all the hassle, publishing live crowd analytics around the clock. Whether you want details of public plazas, or airport queues, it doesn’t matter; the information is there and is more accessible than ever. 

8. Ether Books

If you’re writing a book, it can often be hard to know if you’re creating something that your audience would actually like to read. British startup Ether Books is created precisely with this conundrum in mind, and aims to connect writers with their readers directly through smartphone and tablet devices. Talking to your favourite author has never been easier.

9. The Mash Machine

If you’re a music lover, then the chances are that you will have dreamt about performing on stage yourself. The only trouble is, getting your hands on the instruments of a real musician can be a little tricky, not to mention expensive. The Mash Machine is a new startup which makes making music incredibly easy. A self-contained plug and play unit, The Mash Machine replicates the sounds of numerous instruments and sounds, enabling you to master musical skills in no time at all!

10. Yossarian Lives

Google is an undeniably useful search platform but from time to time, its literal search results can be a little frustrating, especially if you’re searching for something more abstract. Using natural language at its core, Yossarian Lives is a search engine which brings its users more creative searches, showing new possibilities online. 

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If you’re looking for incredible new content and business ventures, the UK is a great place to be right now. Pioneering some of the most radical technological change, the country is responsible for altering the way in which we carry out everyday tasks, and use digital tools. If you’re looking for a new way in which to go about your digital habits, look no further than these British startups which are changing the face of contemporary culture!

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