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SOCIAL MEDIA / MAR. 04, 2014
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The Ultimate Guide To Getting a Job Using Social Media

When talking about the influence of social media in hunting for a job, LinkedIn is not the only one you need to consider anymore. Why? Because according to the results of a recent study done by CIPHR, all the other popular social media platforms can influence the decisions of recuiters too.   

Just to let you see what I'm driving at, I'll share an invaluable infographic about it. CIPHR has come up with a solid infographic about how to use social media to get closer to snatching that dream job you've been eyeing for the longest time. This invaluable graphic will show you how to set up your blog and your accounts on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter to look more professional. This strategy will help you attract more possible employers fitted to your preferred options, skills, and chosen field.

Why do you need to re-evaluate and make changes to your social media accounts? Simple... when you’re being considered for a new position, 93% of recruiters search your social media profiles--so it's a wise move to give each of them a total make over; perk them up, give them a polished look.  

There are more factors you have to check. One is... when searching for a job, it's best to sneak into the heads of hiring managers to know the attitudes, attributes and all the qualities they look for. Also, you'll be in a better position if you realize that one of their primary concerns is to find out whether you will fit in or not. That's the reason why in the interview process, if there's a big percentage in the tests results, (based on your answers to their questions) that hint you will not blend with the company's corporate culture, there's a big probability you will not move up to the next level of engagements. Additionally, they go checking your social media accounts to discover more of your qualifications. This will help them decide whether or not you are a good candidate for the job.   

Moreover, it's also best to be informed about the significant fact that 94% of recruiters use social media to scout for talents they would like to consider. It's common knowledge, the internet has made it super easy to hunt for jobs and to apply to them, but, as a natural consequence due to the same exact reason, it has also become extremely difficult to stand out. This is basically why I was compelled to come up with this post. I know the information included here will help many workers figure out their best career options; to be well informed about the factors they need to check, study, and evaluate prior to making life changing decisions regarding their careers. I'm pretty sure you want more information, right? Go, check the graphic below.      

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