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The Weirdest Interview Questions – Infographic

Nothing is to be taken for granted in a job interview. Today’s jobseekers should be prepared to be asked bizarre interview questions that have nothing to do with the classic “Tell us about yourself” or “Why do you want to work for us?” questions.  Some interviewers choose imaginative scenarios or take a creative slant to the standard interview questions to gauge information not easily found on an applicant’s resume.

Interviewers are increasingly throwing in a completely unrelated question to catch you off-guard and figure out how quick-thinking you are, your personality traits and how you generally make sense of the world.

On top of this, the way you deal with the oddball question will determine how favourably the employer will perceive you. Tackling the unusual question with willingness and confidence will certainly make the interviewer see you in a positive light.

Jobs Today has compiled a list with the weirdest interview questions and how to answer them.  Here are some of them:

Question 1: If you were an animal, what animal would it be?

What it really means: What are your characteristics?

Question 2: What do you think of Garden Gnomes?

What it really means: Will you fit within our team?

Question 3: Name 5 uses for a stapler without staples

What it really means: Can you think outside the box?

Question 4: Why are manhole covers round?

What it really means: How creative are you?

Question 5: How many times in a day do a clock’s hands overlap?

What it really means: How good are you at working out problems?

Question 6: If we shrunk you to the size of a pencil and put you in a blender, how would you get out?

What it really means: Can you think on your feet?

Look at this infographic and get prepared to answer the oddest interview questions so that you don’t get caught unprepared if the interviewer ever asks you any of these questions!

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