SOCIAL MEDIA / OCT. 18, 2013
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The Woman Who Gets Paid To Use Instagram

Liz Eswein uses Instagram in the same way you do. She takes photos of food, scenery and people and filters the images to look presentable. Like us, she has several followers and receives likes and comments. But there’s a catch. Liz Eswein gets PAID to use the photo-sharing social network.

Eswein goes by the name of @NewYorkCity on Instagram and has 969,818 followers. Her gallery of over 1000 photos are undoubtedly breath-taking. Her ability to take a snap of something ordinary and turn it into something that appears professional has landed her a career with Instagram. It’s hard to believe the snapper has only ever taken one photography class in her life!

The New Yorker is one of the most followed, non-celebrity Instagram users. When there is a big event occurring, Eswein is there to get snapping. She attended Fashion Week, was backstage at the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert and she even travels around the globe to simply take a snapshot and make money out of it.

So what makes this woman’s Insta-photos so unique? Here are some secret tips that Eswein uses when taking a photo….

  • Eswein considers light, depth and angle when taking the right picture.
  • The Instagrammer prefers dark figures in a photo with lighter backgrounds.
  • Eswein uses other apps such as Afterlight and Snapseed to edit her photos.
  • Out of the 19 filters on Instagram, Eswein’s personal favourite is Rise.
  • The photographer avoids over-doing it when it comes to filtering.
  • Eswein isn’t a fan of selfies. Her photos are usually of something people care about.
  • If Eswein takes a selfie, she is usually apart of a bigger picture, something more thoughtful.
  • Eswein believes it’s not just a tool (Instagram) you need to take good photos, you have to have the eye for it.
  • The Instagrammer gets lucky by taking random snapshots that end up looking great.
  • Eswein uses the rule of thirds when she has taken a panoramic photo.
  • Eswein takes time to think through her next photo. It’s not just a simple click.

Since her massive recognition, Eswein has teamed up with two other Instgrammers, Brian DiFeo and Anthony Danielle. The trio have launched their own company named Mobile Media Lab which helps brands including Burberry and Estee Lauder to create their Instagram campaigns.

Eswein is proof that you no longer need to be a professional to take professional looking photos and make a career out of it…

Go out, get snapping and get filtering!

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