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The Women Who Have Made it Big in the Corporate World of the UAE

The UAE is expanding rapidly and with expansion, so is the position of women. The UAE has always worked making the condition of women in par with men. The initiatives are always backed up by the government and the constitution and the emeriti women have grown in every sector of society. Before listing some of the powerful women in the UAE, it is important to get a clear picture of the presence of women in the society of UAE.

Women in the UAE

In the twenty first century, women have made a presence in every segment of the society. From being a part of the government, to the presence in the board rooms. Emeriti women are well represented in every segment of the society. Women have a strong presence even in the governing body of the UAE. Since 2012, the appointment of women in the board room has become mandatory in order to introduce more capable women in the organisation that encourages innovation, competitiveness and entrepreneurship among the leaders. The male dominant areas, as the companies call it are today very well handled by the women.

In the public sector units, women constitute 66% of the workforce out of which 30% hold the senior positions who are responsible for decision making.

The success story of women in the UAE is greatly facilitated by the equal access to education. Women are breaking the old stereotypes and increasing horizons for themselves in the UAE. The WEF Global Gender Report 2013, states that in the MENA region, UAE is the only country that has sealed off the educational attainment gender gap.   

Some Notable Facts

Looking at some of the stats in the UAE, it is not wrong to say that women in the UAE have dream big and work towards it. Following are the stats:

  • 95% of the women who are high school graduates opt for higher education
  • Out of the total population that attends the university in the UAE, women constitute 71.6% of the population
  •  43% of the women in the UAE are employed which is less than half of the male percentage

The private sector jobs in the UAE, still holds back in employing the emeriti women and there is a need to change this scenario.

Women who have made it big!

With all the facts and figures, the truth is that there are some Arab women who are different and have gained a strong position in the corporate world of the UAE. These women in their respective sector have made a mark. Naming a few of them:

  1. Fatima Al Jaber: CEO of one of the UAE’s top companies, Fatima controls over 60,000 staff and manages assets worth $4.9 billion.
  2. Amina Al Rustamani: Associated with the media sector of the UAE, the lady today looks after 4500 companies and TECOM business parks.
  3.  Mona Al Marri: Appointed as the director general of the Dubai government Media office in 2013, Mona Al Marri was earlier associated with Brand Dubai as the CEO.
  4. Raja Easa Saleh Al Gurg: The lady is known to have a lot under her cap. The corporate world knows her as the MD of the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group and otherwise is the president of the Dubai’s Business Women Council.
  5. Salma Hareb: Salma Hareb is known for climbing the ladder of success very fast and in no more than 10 years the young and charming lady became the CEO of JAFZA. She is the first woman in the Middle-East who leads a free zone.
  6. Nayla Al Khaja:, Nayla Al Khaja has her own production company and is also a winner of a prize in the Dubai International Film Festival.
  7. Manahel Thabet: The only women in the UAE who has a PhD in Financial engineering and writes papers on quantum mechanics.
  8.  Kholoud Ahmed Al Dhaheri: She was the first women to be appointed as a judge in the country.
  9.  Hind Seddiqi: She was the first woman in the UAE who joined the family business and became a part of Ahmed Seddiqi and sons.
  10. Noor Sweid: Depa United Group, a private stock firm which has its roots in Dubai has appointed Noor Sweid as the strategic director for them.

The Last Words

UAE is one of the safest places for the women for work for. Other than the emeriti women, the UAE also employs a large number of expat women who have a wonderful experience working in the UAE

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