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The Worlds Most Unusual and Dangerous Careers

You’re pretty eccentric and a bit of an adrenaline junkie so getting a 9-5 cubicle farm job is out of the question. If not the cubicle farm, then what career choices are available to you? Well here’s a tidy concise little list of jobs that are not only extremely dangerous, but also pretty damn weird….that’s right, just like you.

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1. Snake Milker

If you are unhappy with the lack of venomous reptiles in your general proximity, then this job might be the perfect fit. On the flip side, milking snakes has nothing to do with teats. So what does a snake milker do? They collect snake venom that can cause internal bleeding, blood clots and necrosis of healthy tissue. And how do they do this? By manhandling and electrocuting highly venomous snakes until they spit aforementioned horrifying venom into a vial. On the upside if you die the venom you gathered will save lives.

2. Shark Cage Diving Guide

Most people that watched the classic 1975 horror film Jaws stopped swimming altogether and started showering instead of taking baths. You, on the other hand, pulled the pipe out of your mouth and said “Wussies, their boat was too big.” Well, then you would be perfect shark fodder…I mean a shark cage diver.

3. Iceberg Mover

Most people use the Titanic as a lesson in boat to iceberg interaction. You took it as a challenge and a blatant provocation by icebergs against humans on boats. What can you do to fight against the threat of hostile icebergs out to sink boats and claim lives? You haul their butts back to where they came from. As part of the U.S. Coast Guard’s International Ice Patrol, you will set out on small boats to track, locate and even haul icebergs away from the places they maliciously hide to take out hapless seafarers.

4. Extreme Storm Chaser

Since you saw the Wizard of Oz you have had the incurable desire to be sucked up into a tornado not to get to Oz but so you can ride that sucker like Kong rode the bomb in Dr. Strangelove (skip to 1.45 if you didn’t get that reference)Well, not only will you be able to sit smack dab in the middle of the eye of a tornado, but you’ll get to do it in a completely decked out T.I.V. (tornado interception vehicle) which is basically an armored windowed storm shelter on wheels.

5. Electrical Lineman

Have you ever looked at birds perched hundreds of feet up in the air on high current electrical wires and said: “Meh, I can do that, and I don’t even fly.” First off what were you drinking/smoking/snorting when you had that epiphany and secondly perfect because that epiphany showed you that you would be the perfect candidate to work as a high current wire linesman. They climb out of flying helicopters onto live electrical wires to clean and maintain electrical grid infrastructure because why not risk becoming human jerky hundreds or thousands of feet in the air. Extreme!

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Any other irresponsible, but strange jobs you’d like to add to the list, let us know in the comment section below.

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