JOB SEARCH / DEC. 06, 2014
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The Worst Christmas Jobs in History

For some, Christmas might be a reason to rejoice but for others it is a wretched period of time as they have to cope with the seasonal rush at work and endure longer working hours.

Tony Robinson, presenter of Channel 4’s “The Worst Jobs in History” produced a holiday special episode which takes a slow slide down the Christmas career ladder as he tries his hand at some of the most miserable festive duties, before revealing the worst job of all.

Along the way he traces an alternative history of yuletide and finds out the answers to a range of wacky questions. His list includes the reason why Jane Austen’s seasonal dinner table needed an Irishman collecting seaweed, what a wren hunter had to do with Boxing Day, and how the poor man in the carol Good King Wenceslas actually gathered his winter fuel.

Watch this stunning video to learn more about the worst holiday jobs in human history!


Image source: Telegraph


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