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CVS / JAN. 03, 2016
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The Worst Resume Advice Ever Given

Even the most helpful person can give you the worst advice, I mean honestly no matter what their intent is, if the information they are feeding you is bad, it will probably end up hurting you. Because we here at CareeraAdict are dedicated to truth, liberty and the entertaining faux pas of others, we would like to present you with the worst resume advice ever given…and most of these probably wouldn’t help you get a job interview.

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Take the Path Most Travelled

shaking hands

Just follow the masses, they get the most jobs after all


We all want to be a cut above the rest, to distinguish ourselves and be individuals. That’s great, but you should use your creativity sparingly when composing your resume, unless the position you are applying for is a job that requires creativity. This inventive article recommends that you use a mug, a puzzle or a word search as a humorous alternative to boring old resumes. Sure it might elicit a laugh from the hiring manager, but I’m pretty sure that he/she will wipe the tears from their eyes with your resume and then discard it like a used Kleenex.



Just stick with the professional items and you’ll be fine


So this is a contested one; some say if you are an avid field frolicker/daisy picker that you should definitely put that on your resume, others say “don’t you even dare”. For example the University of Kent says it’s perfectly fine to do so, yet CEO of Jobfox (a recruitment/job search website) Rob McGovern says it’s a pretty annoying thing to stumble upon as a recruiter. McGovern has a bit of a point because he says that activities/interests can take up valuable resume real estate from professional accomplishments. On the other hand, some companies would like to have a bit of a personality profile on their candidates and activities help not only distinguish you, but they can also show that some of your hobbies give you skills which are applicable in the workplace and no, no matter how much you want it, beating Dark Souls seventeen times does not prove your resilience and good work ethic.

Thank You Captain


Get the interview first, then you can be creative!


Sometimes bad resume guides aren’t bad for their incorrect advice but for their painfully obvious recommendation. Such is the case with this wikiHow article I happened to stumble upon which includes these profound pearls of knowledge: never give incorrect information, when applying for an IT job make sure to include an example of your work…and considering it is for an IT position the most groan worthy unnecessary, mentioned for the sake of mentioning information: the best file formats to save your resume in: .doc or .pdf

The Abstract Artist

job interview candidates

I don’t understand what they are trying to say, do you?


Yet another gem of a how-to-guide, this one leans more towards the poetic. It includes some crucial information such as Don’t Be Ordinary, Be Exceptional and demonstrate your ability to make decisions and be able to think ahead. I mean, sure you can show how you foresaw a situation at work and then use that to the benefit of your previous employer, but the clarification this article’s author provides is: “Finding that special person who is able to be counted upon during problematic times is like finding a diamond on the beach.”

Is there any other laughably bad resume advice you’ve seen? Let me know in the comment section below.

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