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These Honest Mistakes Can Get You Fired

Did you know that lying can get you fired? Yes, it’s true; little white-lies, can get all the good employees fired. You must always be honest and true.

Have you ever wondered why good and hard-working people often get fired? Well, as it turns out, these people have been making several honest mistakes and unfortunately, these errors often have serious consequences such as getting fired.

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Even though recent studies show that many employees get fired for the misuse of company technology or for posting something wrong on their social media profiles, there are other seemingly innocent mistakes that get loyal people canned.

Here is a list of 5 honest mistakes that can get you fired. Be careful because you may be surprised!

1. Negativity

When a hiring manager hires you, they want you to help with the company’s work and not make things harder for them. So, if you are constantly spreading negativity around the office, complaining about your boss, or coworkers, whining about having “too much work” it will only make things harder for everyone. A useful rule of thumb: if you make your boss’s life more difficult, you will be one of the first ones to get kicked out.

2. Over-promising

When we all start our jobs, we tend to be very excited and usually end up promising things we are incapable of doing. If you accept a job offer that is way beyond your abilities, this will eventually catch up on you. Or, if you commit to a deadline that is impossible to meet (either due to your abilities or other circumstances) it will look bad so, don’t be surprised if they do decide to lay you off.

3. Abusing Company Resources


Taking printer paper home because you’ve run out, or using the company’s FedEx account to mail holiday gifts is considered stealing. They won’t let you off easily if they catch you abusing company resources, and people often get fired for such serious offenses.

4. Solicitation

Just because someone else is doing it doesn’t make it right at all. If you are violating company policy by sending out e-mails asking your coworkers to give money for your child’s school fundraiser or, inviting co-workers to a party, then your manager may lay you off, especially if they are unhappy with your performance and are just looking for a “valid excuse.”

5. Lack of EQ


We live in the 21st century and as we all know, one of the most important things employers look for when hiring a new employee is how well they can fit into the company. If you are unwilling or unable to be nice to others or work well within a team, do you expect your employers to ignore this?

If you have a low EQ so that everyone knows when you are angry, bored or think someone is stupid, this will eventually catch up with you. If you have frequent emotional outbursts, shooting coworkers down when they speak and generally acting like a jerk you will soon be left looking for a new job.

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Contrary to popular belief, getting fired does not require making one massive slip-up such as bad-mouthing the boss, or harassing a coworker. In reality, it is actually a lot less dramatic and a lot easier.

How many of these mistakes have you made or often make? Are they frowned upon in your office? You thoughts and comments below please...

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