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Things Bosses Will Never Tell Their Employees

Regardless of how well you get on with your boss or how exceptional he is, there are several things he will more likely not tell you. Don’t take him wrong though, it’s not necessarily because he is bad or ignorant. Maybe it’s because he wants to avoid an awkward or embarrassing situation, or because that you’re a vital asset to the organization, and he doesn’t want to destroy your career.

Jobcluster’s infographic outlines 10 things that your boss will never share with you

#1 “I care about whether you like me” 

Bosses are not indifferent to what their employees think of them. Their business is an extension of themselves and they want you to like it.

#2 “I don’t think I know everything”

Many bosses’ success is owed to the fact that others stepped in and helped them make a significant difference in their professional life.

#3 “I think it’s great when you’re having fun”

When your boss sees that you enjoy working for them, they get to understand that they have created something more than just a business.

#4 “I want to pay you more”

It’s not that your employer does not want to pay you more for the extra effort you make. Financial constraints could be preventing your boss from offering you a few extra bucks that could in turn uplift your motivation.

#5 “I want you to work here forever”

No employer wants to see their staff job-hopping. When you leave, it makes them feel that they’ve failed.

#6 “Sales don’t appear by magic”

Sometimes the orders, which take the most time, are actually the most profitable. And even if they aren’t, sometimes those orders are the only thing we can sell.

#7 “I would love to turn you loose”

Neither you nor your boss love micromanagement. But freedom is earned not given. So it’s up to you to prove to your boss that you deserve to be independent and can fly on your own.

#8 “ I notice when others don’t pull their weight”

Your boss acknowledges that every employee deserves to be reprimanded discretely and in private so as not to embarrass the person in front of others.

#9 “There are things I just can’t tell you”

 No matter how close your relationship is with your boss, you will never understand what he has learned from you and your working style.

#10 “Ownership is the smorgasbord of insecurity”

When your boss gets irritated, or whenever he appears tense and short-tempered, don’t assume it’s your fault. He’s just worried whether he can fulfill the trust you placed in him as your employer.

How’s your relationship with your boss? Has your employer ever told you any of the 10 things featured in this video? Please have your say…

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