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WORKPLACE / OCT. 28, 2015
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Things That Will Inevitably Happen When You Work in an Office [Video]

When you first start working in an office, you don’t realise what you are getting yourself into. Apart from having to face the challenge of getting up at evil hours nearly every day, you also have to start working a 9 to 5 schedule. This is probably a bit different and even dull compared to what you are used to, especially if you just finished university.

But, no matter how dull you consider your office job to be, there are many unique and interesting parts of office life that can make it enjoyable. Whoever said office life is monotonous hasn’t truly experienced it yet. Every day you learn or experience something new; whether you get to know a colleague better – and find out how interestingly creepy they are – or get to eat delicious pieces of cake from colleagues celebrating their birthdays, there is always something interesting happening in an office.

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But these are just some of the things that only office workers will ever be able to understand and relate to. The BuzzFeed team has come up with another 13 situations that are most likely to happen in an office-based work environment. Check this out!

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