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This App Might Turn You Into a Billionaire!

iBillionaire. Me. Sounds interesting enough, doesn’t it? The term investment has led many to become fearful. And yet, there are still others who become excited with the idea, just like little children. Either way, you might just want to stick around for the rest of the article to find out how the world’s best did what they did and earned over a billion dollars!

What actually is iBillianaire App?

Think of the billionaire financial investors such a Warren Buffett and Carl Icahn. Now these are big names in the industry and these people have definitely achieved healthy investments through smart decisions. iBillionaire is an app, available for both Android and iOS, and helps investors by sharing investment portfolios and ideas from these big names in the industry. No matter if you have one million dollars at hand for investing purposes or not, once you have the right strategies in place, you can achieve anything.

However, you might be wondering how this information is available so openly to users. The fact is, investments that are greater than $100 million are not considered private because you have to make SEC filings quarterly and just about anyone can have access to them. Through this app, you can witness all this information on one platform so that your life and investment decisions become easier. Just know that the data you will get through the app is older than one month or more.

Is iBillionaire for Me?

This is definitely not an app where you can cheat from and become a billionaire in the blink of an eye. Through this app, you can keep track of what the big names in the industry are doing, which stocks they are investing in and where they are taking their money out from. And the best part is, you get to track not just one but ten billionaires at the same time.

Besides looking into what the market leaders are doing with their money, you can make a portfolio of your own by blending ideas from your very own choice of billionaires. For instance, you can take 75% of Buffet and 25% of Icahn, and then see how this strategy will work better than both their individual strategies. However, you will have to go though a few restrictions on the app unless you are willing to pay $5 per month or $20 per year to enjoy additional features as well. You can easily get this app from your app store or play store respectively or go to to find out more.

The Bottom Line

While iBillionaire should not be taken as a concrete investment tool, it definitely helps in providing great insight into the world of investment decision making. The app is great for both the beginners and advanced candidates and it will let you in to the world of billionaire investment decisions in an instant. Now you can stop wondering how the big shots did it all and dig out all their little secrets!

Photo Credit: CNN Money


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