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This Is Why You Should Talk to Strangers [Video]

It turns out you have a pretty valid reason to ignore your mother’s advice which came in the form of “Don’t talk to strangers”. When you were 15 years old, both your parents probably repeatedly told you to avoid talking to people you didn’t know. You thought their warnings were over exaggerated and just plain stupid, so you continued doing what you knew best: being innocent.

While their advice intended to keep you safe back then, it’s a whole different story now at the age of 25. If you avoid talking to the person sitting right next to you at the bus stop, you risk coming across as self-centric and self-absorbed, which is highly possible considering the fact that you often seem to be so consumed with your own problems and daily concerns.

Just as Danny Harris mentions in this TED talk, you see the same people every day but never come in contact with them. You don’t know their names, their stories, their pains. But how can you expect to make the world a better place when you ignore their existence? Through his talk, Harris suggests that interacting with strangers is a great way to find out what society is lacking and to discover solutions to make it better through your work.

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So whether it is art or engineering you’re into, you can really learn more about people and how they view life by interacting with strangers you normally wouldn’t. This should allow you to work with them in any way possible to produce something meaningful that will make life easier.

Have our lives become so busy to the point that we ignore everybody or are we just selectively choosing the people we want to interact with? What do you think, should we or shouldn’t we speak to strangers and why? Let us know in the comments section below!

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