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Tim Cahill Concludes His World Cup Dream With The Best Goal of All Time

Socceroos star Tim Cahill experienced the ultimate night of mixed emotions against the Netherlands, scoring probably one of the greatest goals in the tournament’s history. The 34-year old frontman managed a fantastic 20-metre left-footed volley which rattled the cross bar before bouncing into the net. However, the yellow card he earned for a challenge that ended the match of Dutch defender Bruno Martins Indi, means he will never ever play another World Cup match.

“I play for Moments”…

Cahill is a proud and self-respecting professional who realistically views his career as it is, with its positive and negative aspects. Instead of lamenting for being washed out, he rather focuses on those meaningful moments that mark his glorious career. He is also a professional who knows that defeat is part of the game and instead of ending up devastated by his failures; he only keeps all the extraordinary moments that will always remain treasured in his heart.

Cahilll said “there is no sadness” about picking up the suspension. “I play for today, not tomorrow. If I’m going to save myself from a yellow card, then I shouldn’t be here. I play for moments and in my lifetime I’ve got five of the best moments of my life and today was the fifth goal in my World Cup life. When the ball was flying over [before the goal], normally people expect me to head that from 18 yards. But it just sat so beautifully, off the shoulder of the defender, and I struck it and it went in and that’s what football is all about, moments like these. What better place to do it than in the home of football in Brazil”.

A Great Motivator

Moreover, despite Australia’s defeat by the Netherlands and his misfortune, he didn’t blame it on his teammates. He faced up to the reality and acknowledged that “this is the end for me in the World Cup but, overall, I’m proud of these boys, every single one of them”. While they didn’t win, Cahilll said his teammates’ bold showing had done enough to “earn the respect of the world today”.

Cahill is also keen on motivating his fellow players and openly recognises their effort, without criticising them about the final result:

“When we believe in ourselves, you can create moments in the game today that can last forever. “I’m proud of this team and the kids. It’s probably one of the best Socceroos team performances I’ve ever been a part of”.

The left-foot striker expressed his hopefulness and optimism about the next game against Spain: “We’ll see what we can do…because we are playing the champions of the world. We’ll not take a backwards step”.

Have you been following the world cup? Who are you supporting? Comment below!


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