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Time Management Tips for Small Business Owners

Time management is important for everyone but it has particular relevance for small business people who may find themselves playing a variety of different roles in their businesses. Allocating the time you need for each task that is required to keep your business up and running is of tremendous importance.  

Before you can work on finding ways to be more productive and to use your time as wisely as possible, it is necessary to first back track a bit. This may sound rather contradictory but while time management is important, it is also somewhat of a myth.

Why a myth?

After all is said and done there are only 24 hours in a day and you need to spend at least seven to eight of those sleeping which means that an average day equals approximately 16 to 17 hours of waking time. You can be as organized and as smart about time as possible but you cannot create more time than you are given to work with. In the same way, you must remember that your life is affected and influenced by the lives of others. However, you are only capable of managing your own life.

Do you sometimes find yourself looking at the clock and gasping at the time? You wonder how time has gotten away from you because you have gotten little to no work done? If this describes you perfectly, you need to sit down and figure out what it is that you are wasting your time on.

What Steals Your Time?

Most of us are guilty of one or more time stealers. Consider how you spend your days and look for the culprits. Are you someone who checks e-mail a gazillion times a day? Do you spend too much time surfing the web instead of getting any actual work done? Do you spend too long on personal phone calls? Are you addicted to messaging on your computer? Once you can narrow down what causes you to waste the most time you can work to remove those time bandits from your schedule.

Time Management Goals                           

Creating some time management goals for yourself comes next. Always bear in mind however that the focal point of time management is not altering time because that is not within your control. Instead, your goal is to modify your own behaviour in order that you will make better use of the time you have. Remember that you cannot control the behaviour of others but you can modify your own behaviour.

Expand Your Goals with a Plan

Not only do you need time management goals, but a full-fledged plan over the long haul. A plan expands on the goals and creates a bigger picture. You want to change behaviours over time so think in terms of such things as improving your concentration, your level of productivity and stress reduction. You need to constantly evaluate how you are doing in terms of implementing the plan. Assess, re-evaluate, and regroup when it is required to keep yourself on track.  

Time management is important for everyone but it has particular relevance for small business entrepreneurs. Time is money after all so the sooner you can identify the biggest time wasters in your daily schedule the better. Work out some goals for managing your time better. Take things one step further and come up with a plan that will help you expand upon the goals you have set for becoming a better time manager.

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