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Time to Quit: Top Reasons Why Employees Call It A Day [Infographic]

For anyone who has decided to quit their job because they were dissatisfied with their role; this article is for you. Employees that come to the conclusion that their job is no longer worth the hassle of long, stressful commutes, workloads or a challenging workplace environment - quitting seems like the only logical solution. There’s always a reason or two as to why employees opt to quit their job, but are these reason down to their job, boss, colleagues or just a need to seek an alternative career path?

Every employee has their own reasons to quit their job and it’s these reasons that BambooHR’s brilliant infographic examines. This infographic is based upon the responses of 1,034 employed American respondents and here are some of their key findings:

Top Five Reasons Why Employees Quit

  • Lack of employee trust.
  • Expected to work outside of normal working hours.
  • Co-workers are difficult to get along with.
  • Employers blames employee for any mistakes that are made in the workplace.
  • The job doesn’t provide the opportunity to work flexibly.

Other Workplace Annoyances

There are also additional factors that encourage employees to hand in their notice and call it a day as well, these reasons are as follows:

  • 82% of employees thought that their manager was more incompetent about their occupational sector than they and their colleagues were.
  • 78% of employees stated that they found it annoying if their colleagues were promoted over them.
  • 82% of employees stated that a lack of recognition in the workplace annoyed them.
  • 74% of employees stated that workplace benefits were aggravating because these benefits did not meet their expectations.

A lack of career advancement opportunities, poor work-life balance and money are the three main factors that also push people into leaving their jobs. Respondents aged 18-29 stated that having a salary that did not meet their expectations (53%) also contributed to making them want to leave their jobs. This age group also stated that they disliked it when management did not take responsibility for their actions (61%)

Knowledge is Power               

Educated employees are taking no prisoners when it comes to supporting their careers with the help of their higher education achievements. This infographic shows that 89% of degree holders and 89% of bachelor degree holders found it irritating if their employer did not allow them work independently in their job role. HS diploma holders (67%) also found this a negative element of their job roles which made them entertain the idea of quitting their jobs.

It’s never any easy choice to quit your job, surely no one wants to willingly immerse themselves in seemingly never-ending job searches and interviews with interviewers grilling them about why they left their last job. What the results of this infographic show is that some workers think it’s all worth it if their job circumstances don’t add up. Elements like job dissatisfaction, poor employer-employee relationship and chances to climb the career ladder are all sources of frustration for employees. It’s evident that these frustrations are amongst the main reasons that employees choose to quit their jobs.



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