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SOCIAL MEDIA / JAN. 13, 2015
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Timing is Everything in Social Media: Infographic

Social media is at the core of business communications;  it is social media that helps bridge the gap between companies and their customers in particular. Nevertheless, bridging this gap requires tactical posting and effective engagement according to the social platform you are using. There is a social media ‘posting etiquette’ that one must become acquainted with if they are to successfully integrate social media into their business’ communication strategy. This article and accompanying infographic posted on and commissioned by Sure Payroll will take a closer look at the social media posting times that all companies need to be aware of.

According to marketingdonut, “people don’t tend to check Facebook at work” which in turn, results in the highest engagement rate being between 7.30-8.30am (before work), 12noon -2pm (during employees’ lunch hour), and 4.30-6.30pm (while workers’ commute home from work). However, this view is altogether very generalised. We need to take a closer look at the posting times and etiquette for individual platforms.

While you may believe that posting on social media over the weekend will gain you more followers and heighten the level of engagement your account receives, you would be wrong. In fact, the weekdays are usually the most active with Twitter engagement being “14% higher on weekdays” according to a study by ViralHeat.

Findings from the infographic on the best times to post:

  • Highest average ‘click through rate’ on Facebook is between 1pm – 4m daily.
  • Best time to tweet on Twitter is between 1-3pm, Monday-Thursday.
  • Worst time to post on LinkedIn is between 10pm – 6am on a weekday.
  • Best time to post on Pinterest (this social network is growing at a rapid pace and all businesses should create a Pinterest account!) is Saturday mornings.
  • Highest engagement on Google+ is typically experienced between 9am-10am.

Findings from the infographic on the best tactics for highest engagement:

  • Photos receive a much higher engagement rate on Facebook than if you post without any images. Images also boost the number of comments on your Facebook post by 104%.
  • Tweeting images will increase leads by 55% and increase retweets you receive by 41%.
  • Images in LinkedIn posts i.e. articles with appealing images, boost traffic to your LinkedIn profile (particularly form mobile devices).

Another etiquette rule to be aware of is the ‘hashtag rule’. By all means use hashtags that represent your company, brand, and customers, or that will help new customers to find your posts on their social networks, however, the golden rule remains – do not overdo it. Avoid excessive use of hashtags on LinkedIn, in fact, avoid hashtags on LinkedIn wherever possible. In addition, hashtags (which were created through Twitter) should ideally not be used more than 3 times per tweet. If you use more than 3 hashtags on a tweet you can actually lose the interest of your followers!

Take a look at this infographic for a deeper insight into social media posting etiquette, and get to grips with new-age business communications!

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