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Tips and Strategies for Business Branding on YouTube

It’s hard to imagine a world without a platform like YouTube, whether you use it for entertainment purposes because you just can’t get enough of those adorable cat videos or comical entertainment shows; YouTube has integrated itself into our daily lives as one of the most popular sources of our online content. The platform is so popular that when it comes to branding YouTube has the potential to be the perfect tool for any business that’s looking to promote and advertise its brand.

Wouldn’t it be handy if there was a brilliant report that detailed how businesses could leverage YouTube for their brand using mobile focused content? This article has just saved you the hassle of having to go off in search for the answers, because Google and YouTube have teamed up and published YouTube Insights. This is a quarterly report for July 2014 which looks at audience behaviour in the UK.

The Evian Example

The report looks closely at Evian’s successful ad campaign “Baby&Me” on YouTube to highlight how the video streaming site provided a solid platform for Evian’s brand. These days, you don’t have to be one of the world’s water selling power houses to do the same thing you just need unique and engaging content to boost your brand. Here are some of the report’s key findings using Evian’s campaign as an example:

  • Evian’s campaign included making sure that the ad could be watched on mobile phones which contributed to 1/3 of unique traffic.
  • Evian introduced an app that aligned perfectly with the video ad campaign which allowed users to modify their own pictures putting a playful spin on the campaign and racking up 25 million uses.
  • Initially, Evian’s debut of the ad campaign on YouTube was monitored by using analytical tools which measured the campaign’s real-time metrics in order to map out how audiences were reacting to its content.

Businesses can learn a lot from Evian’s approach to its ad campaign because it incorporated a proportionate amount of brand awareness all throughout its campaign by allowing audiences to engage with the ad via an app and mobile devices as well as the video the company posted on YouTube.

Boosting Your Brand with Mobile Content

One of the things this report advocates is the relationship between YouTube users and devices. It should be common business sense to make a connection between audience behaviour and how they choose view online content, here are some of the report’s key findings into how YouTube’s audiences consume content on its site:

  • YouTube’s users don’t just use one device to view content they are more likely to use more than one device to stream videos on the site and are 3.3 times more likely than other audiences to promote the brands they love.
  • Targeting a large proportion of your target audience on YouTube with mobile devices in mind will be highly effective because 52% of YouTube’s 18-34 year old audience watch content on their smartphone devices.
  • Brand channels on YouTube are perceived to be more engaging than brand orientated websites increasing content’s shareable appeal.

Based on this report it’s clear that YouTube is one of the best platforms for businesses to advertise their brand online. Businesses need to ensure the content they post online is mobile responsive because UK audiences are consuming online content increasingly with the use of mobile devices. Armed with the knowledge that your business’ brand will benefit from creating and streaming content on YouTube’s site, ensure that whatever you post is engaging and mobile friendly as well because it certainly counts.


Image Source –YouTube

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