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Tips for Building Links and Content Together Successfully

We all know how important links are for SEO. We also know Google wants us to produce quality content. The problem is most people have to compromise on quality to fit all their links in. No matter how good of a content writer you have on the books, people are going to notice the link shoehorned into the content. But there are steps you can take. You can build links and content together successfully.

Read on for some useful tips on how you can go about doing this:

Make them Controversial

Links go together with content. The easiest way to write content is to write the content around the links. Don’t fit the links into some content you’ve come up with. Pick a link and write content around it. That way it’s always going to be relevant. Now the easiest way to write content around a link and get real results is to choose something controversial.

Controversy creates cash. It always has done. Reporting on the difficult issues always gets people talking on-site and on your social media channels. As long as it’s relevant to the industry you’re in, there’s no reason why you can’t pick out the latest controversy of the day.

Something New

Entice people to read and click by telling them something they’ve never heard before. Back it up with statistics and studies. You can even combine it with something controversial by attacking a long held misconception. Remember, be prepared to have to answer questions and critique from your readers. If you’re going to opt for this route, make sure you have your counter arguments ready and waiting. You don’t want to lose credibility.

Get in Quick

You want that precious link juice. There’s such a thing as building links and content for the short-term and the long-term. It’s best to have your fair share of short-term content. Begin by reporting on something new. Be the first to report on something newsworthy. This means you have to keep up with the news. The best blogs have full articles up and running within hours of the story breaking.

Be careful where you get your sources from, however. If you accidentally pick up some hoax news, or you report incorrect points, you could lose all credibility. A bad reputation often spreads much faster than a good reputation.

Show Off Your Expertise

We can’t emphasise quality enough. You need quality content and quality links to build up a long-term future. You need to show off your expertise. Every so often you should do this with a longer and more informative article. Try not to have your site filled exclusively with opinion. This is not your time to rant. Write some pieces like an essay. Back your points up with facts from highly informative sites that end with the ‘.edu’ and the ‘.gov’ Domain names.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to create pieces that look like a school essay. You don’t want to bore your readers to death. Consider combining facts with things like the infographic. They present factual information in a way that interests people. Bringing together images and cold pieces of text encourages people to read and find out more.

At the same time, concentrate on a subject that interests your readers. These four types of link combination can be used alongside each other. You don’t have to see them as distinct options available for use. In fact, combining them will more than likely bring you better results than ever before. Experiment with them and see what works best according to the long-term plans for your website’s brand.


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