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Tips for Holiday Marketing on Facebook

The holiday season brings a great deal of opportunity for those looking to improve their figures before the end of the fiscal year. By concentrating on improving customer relations during this vital period, it is possible to create an environment that promotes client interest in your product, and drives sales up by several percentage points as people look to obtain gifts for loved ones. Here are some suggestions to help you make the best out of this joyous time of year.

Content Promotion is Based on Unique Content

Facebook maintains its popularity by helping people find the content they are looking for. Be it updates from loved ones, or interesting stories, it is the unique content that brings people back to the service again and again. Create something people will want to read, rather than just an advertisement. For instance, instead of saying, “Fifty percent off designer shoes,” say, “Ten places to bring your new shoes.”

At the bottom of the article, mention you are running a sale. Do not make it a major part of the story, and make sure it ties into the content. The important thing is for the users to recognize the information as useful, and to share it with others.

Ask Clients What They Want

With the new year coming up, it is important to see how you can improve your product lineup for the coming year. Reach out to consumers, and see what they will want out of your products in the coming year. Tie it into a “New Year’s Resolution” special, and make it something that will bring readers in.

This can happen in a variety of ways, from a general discussion to a specific survey that is hosted on your Facebook page.

Offer Special Deals for the Season

Utilize your Facebook page to promote special deals for the holiday season. For instance, purchase an item and receive a Christmas card. Small touches can go a long way to building a positive public image, and may help people to decide to utilize your company services instead of a competitor’s.

Make the special deal contingent upon being friends on the page, giving you future access to a base of potential clients. This may seem insidious, but it will help you and your clients better understand and help each other in the days and weeks following the end of the holiday season.

Showcase Charity Work

Most companies perform a bit of charity work during this time of the year. It helps improve public image, and is a nice tax write off. Showcase what you do, and watch as a discussion forms over your actions. A receptive public will appreciate your acts of charity, and be more inclined to purchase your products or services during this time of year, and into the New Year.

Utilize photographs, movies, and music to cement the impression that you are an important part of the community.

Do not be afraid of starting a public conversation on Facebook. During this time of the year, people are looking to reach out and communicate with each other in an attempt to create good cheer. Utilize this to your benefit, by joining in this conversation and modifying your products and services to better suit the general mood.

Remember, social media is all about perception. By working to create a positive public image, you are helping cement a happy client base that will keep coming back to your company. Reach out to people, and respond earnestly to any and all inquiries. It is amazing what a simple statement can due, in helping build a positive public image.


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