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Tips for Working Moms

Being a working mother is quite stressful, along with doing 40 hours a week in the office, you are expected to cook, clean and manage an entire household. Being a working professional and having children can often take its toll on working mothers therefore it is important to prioritize and schedule your week in order to manage both areas perfectly.


To be a successful working mom, the first step is to organize your workload. If you are working in a large organization and hold a superior job role, you must organize your projects and deadlines in such a way that everyone is aware of them. Managing your stuff is key to your success as it avoids delays and last minute overtime hours in the office.

Time Management

Time management will become second nature for working mothers as they want to make every minute in the office productive. By having a motivated and organized team, professional mom can ensure that they do not have to work after 5pm. Effective time management will also enables them to keep the office out of their homes.


Another important tip for working mothers is balancing work with their home life. By keeping both away from each other, mothers are able to leave the stress and chaos of work at the office and how their kids a calm and happy mum. It is recommended that working moms keep their weekends free for activities to carry out with their kids; this can be anything from cooking with your children to taking a trip somewhere. This way your children will be aware of their special time with their mum and make them look forward to it.


Being a working mum can be difficult however through effective time management and delegation, it can become a much easier task. If you work at an executive level, delegating minor tasks to your staff can help you become more productive in the long run.


To achieve both effective deadlines and time management, working mothers are advised to invest in an organizer. This will help them keep on top of appointments, children’s play dates, work deadlines and projects – an organizer is almost the only place where working moms should allow their work and off-work life to meet

Alone Time

Lastly a working mum, just like any other business professional, needs to schedule some time away from both work and children. Whether you go for a walk or take an exercise class, working mother need to relax in order to complete their jobs effectively. 

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