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INTERVIEWS / JUL. 12, 2013
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Tips for your Job Interview

Once you have secured yourself an interview with a potential employer, the next step is to prepare yourself with the utmost determination and motivation to pass the interview stage successfully. Practicing online interview questions and conducting background research on the company are all part of the preparation process and will enable you to enter the interview with a positive and confident attitude.

Preparing for your Interview

Candidates should prepare well informed and articulate answers to some general questions that most employers tend to ask, such as “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”, however not all questions that will be asked in an interview can be pre-rehearsed. Certain employers want to test their candidates by giving them hypothetical situations and seeing the candidate’s reactions to them. There are various techniques employers will use in order to best judge individuals and hire the most capable candidate for the job.

Make a Good Impression

However, there are certain pieces of information and phrases that candidates should stay away from during their interview process. Employers have a short period of time during the course of the interview in which they assess candidates and make decision whether to hire them or not. Therefore, it is very important to make a good impression during the limited amount of time you are given.

Keep the Interview Professional

Providing the employer with unnecessary information in terms of your personal life will reflect negatively on your application. It is important to stay within the scope of the interview, not providing unnecessary details in regards to educational background and experiences will only take up valuable time during your interview.

Stay Focused on the Interview

Another mistake that many individuals make during their interview is that they go off topic, completely changing the course of their interview. Most individuals make this mistake in an attempt to connect with their interviewer, such as trying to ask them questions about their education and work. This off topic discussion will shift the focus of the interview thus reducing the time in which the candidate can sell themselves.

Dress Professionally

Demonstrating a professional attitude during the interview is important as the employer is constantly forming an opinion of you through the interview process. Bad mouthing previous employers and the industry in which you worked will give your personality negative connotations. If an individual had difficult relationships with co-workers in their previous employment, they are advised to keep the information they provide relevant to the interview and maintain a professional outlook onto the situation as a whole.

Provide Examples

In the event that an employer asks a specific question in regards to a difficult situation you faced, candidates should provide information and explain how they solved a problem rather than taking on a defensive attitude. Giving clear facts and upholding a professional stance will show the employer that you are capable of understanding your mistake and overcoming difficulties that arise in the workplace.

Communicate Clearly

Effectively communicating throughout the interview gives the candidate the opportunity to portray a mature and professional personality thus making a positive impression on the employer. Candidates should communicate articulately, keeping the tone of their voice consistent and not too loud. During the interview, individuals are advised to keep their body language in check, to project positive non-verbal communication. From a strong handshake to making eye contact, it is vital to portray a positive attitude through your body language.

Correct Interview Etiquette

Maintaining good interview etiquette throughout the process will also demonstrate a professional attitude; keeping your phone on silent and not texting during the interview as well as bringing drinks, coffee or a bottle of water, or snacks to the interview is appropriate and unprofessional. 

These are a few pointers to keep in mind whilst you are being interviewed as small details like unnecessary information and a negative outburst can jeopardize your prospects of being successful in a job interview.  

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