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Tips on How to Recruit using Twitter

The Twitter phenomenon has well and truly hit the recruitment industry, and with a 500 million strong following (2012), it is easy to see why recruitment agencies have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. Advertising a job vacancy on Twitter is one of the most effective ways of getting your vacancy published to a vast audience in a short space of time. Not only are job vacancies free to post on Twitter, but you can use a variety of methods to appeal to the right group of candidates.

Here are some helpful tips and advice on how to recruit using Twitter…

# Be descriptive yet brief

Twitter only allows for tweets of up to 140 characters but even 140 characters is often unnecessary for an eye catching and attractive job post. The aim is for your job post to be retweeted to relevant audiences and this is more likely to be achieved if your tweets are short and sweet. If you use all 140 characters, you leave your retweeters with no space to add their own comments.

# Engage

The purpose of your tweet is to engage your audience and make then ‘want’ to retweet it or respond to it directly. You must use relevant keywords and media savvy content in order to appeal to your Twitter following.

# Use hash tags and trending topics

Hash tags are one of the best techniques to adopt when using Twitter to promote your vacancy. Hash tagging your company name, location, job title, or job buzzwords will help your job post to be found by interested followers. All Twitter account holders who conduct a search with any of the words you put a hash tag in front of, will find your job post in their search results.

# Avoid over promoting your vacancy or company

Posts are too promotional will not always benefit, in fact, many times an overly promotional tweet can be thought or as spam and ignored.

# Change the traditional job post format

With social media it is important that you use attractive words, a positive and slightly informal tone of voice, and avoid too much information. Essentially, your tweet should be telling individuals why they would want to work for you rather than the actual requirements for the job.

# Don’t tweet about it all day!

Try to change up your tweets, for every tweet you post about the job vacancies you have, tweet several about other subjects, such as the corporate culture, fun events at the company, new developments or exciting new projects.



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