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JOB SEARCH / DEC. 27, 2014
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Tis the Season to Get Hired! (Infographic)

Compiling information from Challenger, Gray & Christmas, and Forbes, Career Glider reveals that the holiday season is actually the best time to get hired. Although mostly part-time and retail positions are available between Thanksgiving and Christmas, they offer the opportunity to gain valuable experience and transition into a full-time position.

So, just what are the main points on holiday season hiring?

  • Macy’s accounts for the most seasonal hires in the US than any other company at a staggering 83,000 hires
  • 10,000 seasonal employees at USPS help send 420 million packages over the holiday season
  • Temporary workers are hired to help cope with the holiday demand – Mall Santas earn an average $24 an hour!
  • Hobby, Toy & Game Stores have the most holiday hires with a 34.10% increase, followed by Clothing & Accessories Stores (13.36% increase) and Department Stores (12.10% increase)
  • The top 3 seasonal positions outside of retail are marketing coordinators, seasonal recruiters and production designers

Want to know how many seasonal hires are employed at Target or what holiday decorators earn? Check out Career Glider’s recently released infographic for more information!

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