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Tools That Help Creative Minds Showcase Their Work

Working in a creative industry and want to display your work globally? You can take advantage of the many professional online platforms which can help you create your portfolio. An online portfolio is an essential tool for every professional graphic designer, painter, image creator or multimedia designer. It may help you find clients, land a job, boost your brand image and expand your network, so it’s essential to get it right.

If you assume that creating an attractive and functional artistic portfolio can take a lot of effort and time, you are right. However, with so many options of online tools that can help you build up your portfolio easily and on time, there is nothing to worry about.

Here are some useful tools and platforms for creative minds to demonstrate their creative talent perfectly:


Dribble is a community of graphic designers, logo artists, and illustrators who share small parts of their work, processes, and current projects. Designers who post their work in this vast community can successfully direct the attention of recruiters and companies towards their portfolio by showing that they are looking for work. On the other hand, Dribble may also be a suitable tool for employers who are looking to hire a designer. By signing up for free, employers become ‘Scouts’ and can then search or go through different design profiles to find what they are looking for. They can seek out designers via location or designer-type.


Another platform designed to help you expose your creative work and connect you with job opportunities is Coroflot. It gives you free unlimited storage, mobile access and statistics. Its redesigned profile structure enables you to accompany your creative work with a strong statement of who you are, what you do and how you do it. You can customize your profile accordingly, either to reveal your latest projects and pieces of work or to demonstrate your impressive artistic experience. Don’t forget to subscribe to job alerts if you are a jobseeker.


This is one of the biggest online communities globally. You can exhibit your work to over 28 million artists and art-lovers around the world. This platform is really interesting in that it encompasses a wide range a visual art categories, including photography, digital art, traditional art, filmmaking and even literature. Members can also use handy tools such as journals, polls, groups and portfolios to increase visibility, collaborate and learn from artists from more than 190 countries. Interestingly, it is possible to sell your art through the deviantART shop.

With creative industries evolving at a rapid pace and becoming more competitive, visual designers and artists need to respond to these changes by using innovative digital tools.

Please feel free to share any additional tools you use for your own portfolio.



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